FLS @ Coyote Ridge

A special place for special students

Teacher - Carol Grommesh

214-405-6778 grommeshcl@lisd.net


Shelli Phillips phillipsshelli@lisd.net

Betty Robinson robinsonb@lisd.net


Melissa Stockholm stockholmm@lisd.net

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Kay Shafer shaferm@lisd.net

Physical Therapy (PT)

Robin Satterla satterlar@lisd.net

Auditory Therapy (AI)

Teri Starkes-Graves starkes-gravest@lisd.net

Adaptive Physical Education (APE)

Lisa Vaughn vaughnl@lisd.net

Music Therapy

Michelle Kennemer


Durham Bus Company

General Schedule

Every Day

IEP Work

8:00 - 8:45 5th Grade Enrichment

8:45 - 9:00 Circle Time

9:35 - 10:20 3rd Grade Enrichment

10:45 - 11:15 Student Lunch


PT for some students

Speech for all students


OT for some students

PT for some students

Circle of Friends


Speech for all students


OT for some students

PT for some students

Music Therapy every other week

Circle of Friends


Fun Day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bus Riders

The busses drop off at and pick up from the east door of the building, closest to the FLS room. If your child misses the bus, and you have to drop him/her off, please park your car in the west lot (off Maumee Drive), walk your child in through the main doors, and check in through the office. Once we get our students off the busses, we do not have FLS personnel in that area, and cannot allow parents to drop off at the east door.

Car Riders

I will make specific arrangements with each parent regarding drop off and pick up. If we need to change the plan, or if an emergency arises, please call or text me on my mobile number.


Our room tends to be a bit warm, but the rest of the building can vary dramatically in temperature from day to day, and even from place to place during each day. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather, ideally in layers, so that we can adjust to the various temperatures in different parts of the building. Most of our full-day students will have recess at least a few times a week, and we may have other outdoor lessons planned, so please send outwear that will allow your student to participate in outdoor activities. The district guidelines have us inside for recess if the temperature (Farenheit) is below 34 degrees, or if it is above 100.

Daily Folder

Each student will have a Coyote Ridge folder that will be sent home each day, and back to school each morning. Please check the folder each evening. This folder is where I will send forms that need to be signed and returned, notices regarding upcoming events, and other communication.

One of the things in the folder will be the Daily Communication Form, a one-page sheet that I will use for short updates on your child’s day. The space for each day includes room for you to write me notes about your child – things that may be bothering him/her, new/different actions or activities, reactions to the day, etc. If you need extra space, feel free to add a separate note on another piece of paper. This form needs to be sent back in the folder each day, and I will file each week’s sheet at the end of the week.

Extra Clothing

Please send 2-3 extra outfits for your child. Besides the usual toileting accidents, we have had food/drink spills in the past that have necessitated changing clothing. There have also been days when we’ve had to change a student’s apparel more than once. When we have to change your child’s clothing, we’ll send the soiled garments home in a bag inside the student’s backpack. Checking the backpack each evening will ensure that soiled (sometimes smelly) garments aren’t carried around any longer than necessary.

Please include –

2-3 pairs of pants or shorts

2-3 short-sleeved shirts (you can sub long-sleeved shirts in the winter if your child gets chilly)

1-2 sweaters or sweatshirts

4-5 pairs underwear (if your child is not in diapers)

2-3 pairs of socks (yes, these have been victims in the past)

Extra shoes are great if you have a pair


The school board just changed LISD’s grading periods over the summer; we used to send progress reports every six weeks, but now we will be reporting every nine weeks. Your child will receive two “report cards” each grading period. One will be an update on IEP goals, which is what we stress in FLS, and where progress is monitored by data collected on individual academic or life skills goals. The other is a state-mandated “Progress Report” like general education students receive. Because our FLS students do not work on grade-level general education concepts, I translate those grades to reflect progress on the child’s IEP goals. You will receive a letter with the first progress reports, explaining how the grades were figured.


Unlike prior years, we will be eating lunch in the cafeteria. You are welcome to send lunch, or you can set up a meal account for your students. If you choose to send lunch for your child, please send foods that are pre-cut and ready to eat, as we cannot take sharp knives to the cafeteria with us to cut up sandwiches.

Personal Care Items

Since our students need help with toileting, we keep an assigned area for each child’s supplies. As we run low, we will let you know that it is time to replenish the stock. Please send the following, labeled with your child’s name…

20 or more diapers or Pull-Ups (label the package, not each diaper)

1-2 full containers wipes

Lotion (for dry knees, chapped hands, etc.)

Spray sunscreen (if you want us to apply it prior to outdoor activities)


Each morning, we have snack-time, for which you are responsible for sending food. Each student eats his/her own snacks – we do not have communal snacks (because of various dietary considerations). While you should send foods your child enjoys, please try to keep the snacks as healthy as possible. Great choices include bananas, cut-up apples, whole grain crackers, and yogurt.