Phone Problems

By: Jada Holmes


The manager of a doctors office has strict rules when you are on the clock. The main rule is the no cell phones. Malyia cannot seem to obey this rule. She has been warned several times to stay off her phone while she is working, but yet every time the manager sees her she is talking on the phone. The manager is starting to become very aggravated and is thinking about terminating Malyia.

Decision Making Process

What is the dilemma?
Malyia cannot stay off her phone while she is at work.

What are the facts of the situation? (2)
Malyia is always talking on the phone.
She has been warned several times about it.

What are the alternatives and consequences? (2 each)
Malyia could leave her phone in her car.
She could turn it off while she is at work.
The manager could terminate her.
The doctor's office could lose patients because they think the employee is unprofessional.

What decision would you make?
I would terminate her. She has been warned and hasn't stopped using the phone yet so its clear she doesn't care about her job.

Why do you think that is the best decision?
I think this is the best decision because nothing else is working to keep her off the phone.