Constitutional Limits

How the Constitution limits the Governments power

Separation Of Powers

The Constitution limits the governments power through the separation of powers by separating all the powers into three branches and each branch gets equal power so no branch gets too much power or too little.

Checks and Balances

The Constitution also limits the governments power through a system called checks and balances. They use checks and balances to make sure each branch stays within its given limits also called powers.


Federalism is the principle or system in which a government is. Federalism Political system that allows states united under a central government to maintain a measure of independence.

How it is still important today

It is still important today because without limits one branch would have all the power and that branch can do whatever they want. It would be a Tyranny without the Constitutional limits and they would be able to control us and make whatever kind of laws they want. That is why it is still important today.