Ms.Eve's Pre-school Toolbox

'Make everyday a day to learn'

This week, we continued activities on "The Kissing Hand" and talking about our feelings in school. We are transitioning into the 'All About Me' unit though the 'Me in a Bag' activity and our family pictures which will be put in our classroom family tree. Students started their personal dictionaries in which they will write and illustrate the words of the week for the rest of the school year. This weeks words can be found below.
We have kept on working on rules and routines as they are the foundations to profound school learning. Together with the other P.K. classrooms we talked about safety in the playground and how to have fun while still taking care of each other.

The Kissing Hand

This week each student created an illustration of their own kissing hand to give to their parents. We worked with scissors for fine motor skills, paint, construction paper and glue. Students enjoyed doing this activity with Ms.Luli in the art center.

Poem of the Week: Mary Had a Little Lamb

This week we started learning the poem "Mary Had a Little Lamb". Below is the link to the poem for you to watch with your child at home.
Mary Had A Little Lamb Nursery Rhyme With Lyrics - Cartoon Animation Rhymes & Songs for Children

Song of the Week: Old McDonald

"Old McDonald" was our song of the week. Many of our students already knew the song and helped their peers learn it. Students loved the video animation to the song in the link below.
Old McDonald Had A Farm | Super Simple Songs

Personal Dictionaries

Words of the week: hand, love, cat, me, family
This week students started working on their personal dictionaries where they will be documenting the words of the week. Students will be practicing letter sounds and writing through their personal dictionaries as we talk about the words of the week, what they mean, and how to write and illustrate them.


During outdoors, students learned how to play 'Name Ball', and 'Crawl Race'. Their favorite however was 'Duck, Duck, Goose'.

Books of the Week

Our books of the week were "Charlie Anderson" by Barbara Abercrombie and "Peeny Butter Fudge" by Tony Morrison, Slade Morrison, and Joe Cepeda. Unfortunately I could not find link for these books for you to listen to, but please ask your child to tell you about them at home.


Next week we will start our daily homework. They are very simple activities you can do with their child. Start with the first week and move forward until I post the next homework calendar.
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  • If you have not sent in the "Me in a Bag" and the family picture, please send it in next week.
  • If your child's birthday falls during the week and you wish to have a small celebration at school, please let me know beforehand so I can put it on the schedule.

Other Links Students Enjoyed...

If You're a Kid (Dance Around!) (song for kids about following directions)
If You're a Kid [Animal Remix] (song for kids about animal sounds & movements)
I'm Going On A Bear Hunt.