Australia Environmental Concerns

Agriculture clearing and overgrazing

How does overgrazing and clearing affect the environment?

Australia used to have plenty of vegetation because it was isolated from outside sources. 13% of Australia's original vegetation has been removed since European settlement. In temperate grasslands less than 2% remain.

Where does this occur in Australia

It occurs everywhere there is grass and forests. It occurrs mostly in temperate grasslands.
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5 pros

  1. It allows people to make new buildings
  2. It provides wood to sell
  3. Animals are filled up
  4. Animals are allowed to grow their population size
  5. It lets people use the land for other uses

5 cons

  1. It takes away animals homes
  2. It loosens the soil
  3. It is seen as one of the causes of the spread of invasive plant species
  4. It takes away other animals source of food
  5. It can take away other peoples source of food with the crops they depend on