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Math Facts

* Family Letters explain what Imagine Math Facts is, how students can use it at home, and how parents and caregivers can encourage and support their student's math facts development. Family letters are available in multiple languages for ELL families.

* Reassigning the Pre-Test: If a student receives an Imagine Math Facts Pre-test score that doesn't seem appropriate for their skill level, School Administrators and Educators can reassign the Pre-test to the student at any time for any operation if a student has already taken it. After reassignment, the student receives a new Pre-test the next time they log in to Imagine Math Facts.

Imagine Math 3+ Resources & Tips

Creating and Assigning Pathways

Video on How to Create and Assign Pathways

When should I assign a new pathway or create a custom pathway?

Students finish their current pathway

Intervention Groups - creating an additional targeted pathway

Acceleration or Scaffolding

Do I switch or assign pathways?

Switching will totally wipe a student off the pathway they are on. Assigning will allow you to pull progress by pathway and keep student accountability for all lessons on every pathway they work on.

Students Make a Difference- Charitable Donations 2021-2022 IM3+

Motivate your students by showing that MATH MATTERS! ThinkPoints can be donated to charity. Imagine Learning will write a check for the amount donated to the designated charity. This is also a great cross-curricular activity with social studies/ELAR with researching the charities.

Charitable Giving Calendar

Motivation Overview

Downloadable Documents

Mississippi Padlet - One Stop Shop

We will keep this updated with new and fabulous resources to support you! Let us know if you think of anything we need to include or how we can best serve your implementation.

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