Hierarchy of Needs

by; Lilly Dia

What is it?

the pyramid is a demonstration of the theory of human motivation proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1954. It shows the 5 Basic human needs which are in this case considered motivators of ourselves finding satisfaction.

Self actualization

self-Actualization is the personal gratification. It's getting the achievement of your goals and seeking self growth. It's the need to feel like you have accomplished something for yourself.

Ex; if your goal was to run a mile in under 7 mins you wouldn't be satisfied until you reach that goal.

ex. Since 1956

"What a man can be, he must be." -Abraham Maslow


self-esteem is the achievements, and the boost to your confidence that you can do for yourself such as win a prize at being the best, or it could come from a simple compliment from a stranger. Self-esteem is the satisfaction of knowing your effort was noticed in a good fashion.