Return to Learn!

What will the 2020-2021 School Year Look Like?

Dear P.A.C.E families,

On June 30th, the MI Safe Schools Roadmap was released by Governor Whitmer. This Roadmap was used to create multiple task forces at our school and informed all of our decisions on re-opening our school building to welcome scholars back for face to face instruction. As public health concerns change from day to day, P.A.C.E will continue to provide excellence in education.

P.A.C.E will offer families 2 learning options for the 2020-21 school year:

Choice #1: Enrollment for in-person, face to face instruction, Monday through Thursday with Friday being a virtual day for a deep cleaning of our building.


Choice #2: Enrollment in 100% Virtual Learning.

To learn more about the Return to Learn plan please click HERE for additional information. You can also find the Return to Learn plan attached as a PDF at the bottom of this newsletter.

To enhance learning in either scenario above, we are moving to a 1 to 1 technology model so all scholars will have access to a chrome laptop. It is our intention to return scholars to classroom routines that are as close to normal as possible, with added safety protocols. The information down below is provided to help families make informed decisions about what is best for your child.

A resurgence of COVID-19 may require P.A.C.E to pause in-person instruction and shift temporarily to virtual learning. Our new 1-to-1 technology model (where every scholar has access to a device), along with staff professional development and training, will ensure that a remote learning shift can happen swiftly and efficiently to maintain continuity of learning.

PLEASE NOTE that virtual learning in the 2020-21 school year will have far more rigorous requirements and more robust academic instruction than the stopgap measures put in place during the crisis in March 2020. Pacing, grading, daily attendance and curriculum progress would remain consistent with in-person learning expectations.

If you have any questions about the Return to Learn plan please reach out to:

Ava Mullen, Family and Student Support Coordinator,

Kiran Rai, Assistant Principal,

Valentina Pettway, Director of Curriculum,

Things to consider when deciding in person for face to face instruction or 100% virtual learning.

  • Your child's health/and or risk factors related to Covid-19
  • Your family's current health and or risk factors related to Covid-19
  • Your child's ability to be self paced
  • Your child's learning style
  • Dynamics within your household

State Requirements for in person, face to face instruction

P.A.C.E will follow the requirements in the MI Safe Schools Roadmap. As we mitigate risk of COVID-19 spread, our efforts will focus on:

1) Personal Protective Equipment

2) Hygiene

3) Spacing and Movement

Personal Protective Equipment

Facial coverings (masks) are required for:

  • All staff
  • Students in grades 2-8 in classrooms, hallways and common areas
  • Students in K and 1 in hallways and common areas
  • All people on buses

P.A.C.E will supply a limited amount of disposable masks. Students may use their own homemade facial coverings (which must be washed daily) or disposable level-one, basic surgical masks which must be disposed of at the end of each day.

Exceptions are made for anyone who cannot medically tolerate a facial covering, is incapacitated, or is unable to remove the covering without assistance.


P.A.C.E will require the following:

  • Touch less hand sanitizer stations in all classrooms
  • Safety supplies in all classrooms
  • Informational signs and bullet boards
  • Teach and reinforce hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and/or the use of hand sanitizer.

Education and training will be important to ensuring healthy hygiene habits for our students.

Spacing, Movement and Access

P.A.C.E will require:
  • Classrooms will only allow for a maximum of 16 students. Depending on the number of families who opt for virtual learning, the 16 students per classroom may be reduced.
  • All classrooms will have desks that are spaced apart by 6 feet.
  • Students will stay in classroom and subject area teachers/fine arts teachers will rotate into classrooms.
  • Guests and visitors will be limited in school buildings.
  • Signage will encourage social distancing.

Screening Students and Staff by Self Monitoring

P.A.C.E will require:
  • Scholars/Staff must self-monitor everyday for common symptoms of Covid-19.

  • Scholars/Staff will do a daily temperature check before they arrive to work. In the event the temperature is above 99.5, you must stay at home and continue to monitor. You may not return to work unless you have a doctors note.

  • In the event a scholar/staff member test positive with Covid-19 by self-monitoring they must notify administration immediately.

  • Immediate efforts are made to notify families/staff of any positive cases to encourage self- monitoring.

Responding to a Positive Case of COVID-19

P.A.C.E will require:

  • If a scholar/staff member gets sick at school and the nurse sends the student home for displaying a temperature of 99.5 or above and symptoms of Covid-19 they are not allowed to return back to school until they have tested negative to a Covid-19 test.

  • If the scholar/staff member tests positive for Covid-19 after being sent home from school/work hours we quarantine as a school community by closing down the building for 14 days. *Subject to change


The school calendar for the 2020-2021 school year will be published shortly. Regardless of the choice you make the weekly schedule at P.A.C.E is as follows:

Monday - Full Day with normal school hours

Tuesday - Full Day with normal school hours

Wednesday - Full Day with normal school hours (we will not have early release on Wednesday anymore)

Thursday - Full Day with normal school hours

Friday - Virtual Day for all scholars and faculty/staff so our building can be deep cleaned

Large Gatherings

P.A.C.E will require:
  • No large-scale interactions or groupings in the cafeteria so students will eat in the classroom.
  • New arrival and dismissal procedures: "car to classroom" with temperature checks before any scholar or adult enters the building.
  • Recess will be conducted outside whenever possible with appropriate distancing social distancing with 1 class at a time


P.A.C.E will require:

Reliable cleaning protocols that support safety and wellness and mitigate environmental health risks. All cleaning protocols and products meet industry standards and recommendations set by governmental health organizations. These rigorous standards apply to classrooms, offices, food preparation areas, common areas and hard surfaces (including desks, light switches, and doors). All learning environments will be deep-cleaned this summer and the custodial staff will have regular training throughout the school year.