The Twins

Gemini the Twins

The Queen of Sparta gave birth to two sets of twins with on boy and one girl in each set. One pair was fathered by her husband and the other fathered to Zues the god of all gods. The four children were raised together and the two boys were inseperable. They had many adventures and joined Jason and the other Agronants in search of golden fleece. But during the fight with some landowners the mortal Castor was killed. Pollux was inconsolable and eventually begged Zues to allow him to die so he could join Castor. Moved by his brother, Zues agreed to keep them together for eternity. They spent half thier time in the underworld and half their tin in the heavans where they are represented by the stars of Geminine.

Other Information

The constilation is located left of Orion. Easiest to sea in middle of winter. its 2 brightest stars are Castor and Pollux. Made to represent the mythological twins Helen and Troy.

Pictures of the constilation

Guarenteed to be awesome

Stars the the constilation is made of.