Peer Pressure

Sarah Mangel

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What are the Causes of Peer Pressure/Why is it Bad/How can YOU Stop it?

Peer Pressure is very important to our school community because this is something we want to stop.

What are the causes of Peer Pressure/Why is it bad?

  • Peers who you thought were your friends.
  • Peer Pressure isn't helping anyone so why keep the fire burning?
  • Peer Pressure can be just a simple kernel to many horrible situations.
  • If you create Peer Pressure it you could be ruining someones day, week, month, year etc...

How can you stop it?

You can easily stop Peer Pressure by sticking up for someone, you can say; WE don't want to do that, WE think that is a bad idea. This can benefit you by you gaining friends for life or just friends also it's the right thing to do.

Why is Peer Pressure Bad?

Peer Pressure is horrible because, I emphasize this more below, it can ruin someones life. Peer Pressure doesn't always have to be bad, it can be good if friends/peers are persuading you to do something.

Extractions from the Book Stargirl-Jerry Spinelli

In the book 'Stargirl', by Jerry Spinelli, he stated; "So why are you hiding from me?"..."Something's gotta change" I said (Leo) "That's all I know." (Spinelli, 2000, p.133) From this, example Leo seems to be pressuring Stargirl to change, he feels that if stargirl changes for him people will just magically start talking to him-he's wrong.
Another extraction from Stargirl is; "I whispered "Stargirl?"..."Stargirl? What kind of name is that? My name is Susan." (Spinelli, 2000, p.139) In a few short days, Stargirl had changed, Stargirl was no more and instead Susan Caraway had taken her place-this is peer pressure, Leo pressured Stargirl to change, she did to follow his crowd.

What is Peer Pressure?/Advice

  • Peer Pressure is when someone forces you into to doing something like drink or smoke.
  • Peer Pressure is exactly how it sounds, it's when your peers (friends, fellow students, etc...) pressure you do to something you might not exactly like.
  • Some people are smart and stand up for themselves whilst some just go with the flow.
  • Peer Pressure can ruin some people's chances for life like getting into a good college or getting a good job.
  • Peer Pressure can cause stress and infect your sleeping habits if you have a bad conscious.
  • Peer Pressure is probably the most important thing in school to stay away from-social wise.
  • If someone was just 'peer pressured' they probably would've only said 'yes' because they want to maintain that friendship. If your 'friend' just made you do something you didn't want to, they're probably not a true friend.

How does Peer Pressure Relate to Discovery College?

Peer Pressure relates to Discovery College in different ways;

  • It's a school-the battlefield of Peer Pressure.
  • Many kids are giving into Peer Pressure good or bad
  • Kids who have been getting 8's and studying so much might now be out doing bad things and are now getting below 5
  • Alcohol, drugs etc... can ruin your 'status' as a student.
Especially now we have college visits and such which one recorded 'yes' can ruin a students chance of getting into their chosen college>getting their dream job>getting their dream house>getting their dream life. Peer Pressure relates to Discovery College in the same way it relates to any other school.

Here are some examples of Peer Pressure in Discovery College;


  • "Join the sports team with me!"
  • "You can do it!"-This relates to peer pressure because a student is pressuring the other to succeed
  • "Let's go for a run"
  • "You shouldn't eat that, it has a lot of sugar."
  • "NO! It's a bad idea!"
Now you get the idea.


  • "Let's just smoke one."
  • "Just one sip, that's all."
  • "I can't believe you didn't rob Subway with us!"
  • "I don't want to be your friend, you didn't want to hang out with us."
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