Speed Meeting Icebreaker

A Meet & Greet Opportunity based on Speed Dating

Speed Meeting

This is an opportunity to individually introduce yourself to today's participants in a short amount of time.

Speed Meeting Icebreaker Procotol

Your goal is to have a conversation with the person sitting across the table from you in 3 minutes. Your conversation should include responses from as many of the icebreakers from the bulleted list. At the signal, the person sitting in the inner path will rotate to his/her right to a new partner. The list of icebreakers are:

  • Your name, title, and school (or district) you serve as a coach*required
  • Share one thing about yourself that you think a fellow coworker doesn’t know
  • A song/movie title (and the rationale) to describe your coaching program
  • A recent coaching success story
  • A coaching goal for this year
  • A great technology tool you just used/shared with a teacher
  • Describe you most significant learnings as a coach this school year
  • How the "Speed Dating" structure can be used for classroom instruction
  • Areas you will target for your own professional learning as a coach