Winter Tech-tacular!

Fun Activities to Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom

How To Use These Activities

The activities presented in this flyer are intended for middle school students to enjoy applying knowledge learned in their core and elective classes. And, hopefully, have a little fun!

Build With Chrome

A partnership between Google Chrome and LEGO® Welcome to Build - the largest LEGO® set the world has ever seen. Developed with the latest web technology in Chrome, Build is a place for everyone to imagine, create and explore building with LEGO bricks online.
The math behind Michael Jordan’s legendary hang time - Andy Peterson and Zack Patterson
Tangled as told by Emoji | Oh My Disney
A brief history of video games (Part I) - Safwat Saleem
A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome - Ray Laurence
If superpowers were real: Invisibility - Joy Lin
How blood pressure works - Wilfred Manzano
Questions No One Knows the Answers to
The unexpected math behind Van Gogh's "Starry Night" - Natalya St. Clair
Popular Mechanics for Kids Season 1 Ep 22 "Music Production"
Group theory 101: How to play a Rubik’s Cube like a piano - Michael Staff
Football physics: The "impossible" free kick - Erez Garty
Popular Mechanics for Kids Season 1 Ep 7 "Sports"

TRY IT - Disney Citizenship "Healthy Living"

Be your best with nutritious foods, fun moves and healthy habits!

Check out the VIDEOS section for food preparation videos (think "Tasty").

The science of spiciness - Rose Eveleth