By María García and María Velasco

María Pita was born and died.

She was born on 1565 in Sigrás, La Coruña and she died on 1643 in the same place. María Pita was married four times and had four children. The House-Museum of María Pita in La Coruña remember the life of this heroin and erected a conmemorative statue in the town square

Her History.

The 3rd of May of 1589, the english troops attacked the city La Coruña with the flag of the resistence in the hand. She killed to english second lieutenant. It's unknown the type of weapon that she used. There are people who says that was with the sword of her decreased husband. This incident conducted to the shout "Quen teña honra, que me siga" and this desmoralized the english troop and caused the retirement.

After the war...

María Pita helped to pick up the corps and look after the injured. She and other womens helped to defend the city.

My Diary

The 3rd of May of 1589

Today the english troops opening a hole in the wall and they start the attack in the old city. The second-lieutenant kill my husband, after that I take his pistol and I kill to the second-lieutenant. In this moment I go to the wall and I shout ''¡Quien tenga honra que me siga!'' encouraging to the citizens to join to the coruñesas troops for repel the attack. After some hours we get chase out from de city to the army.