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Looking for Interested Musicians to Join our Family

Make your Four Years of High School Memorable

Entering High School is a very big deal and choosing classes is a very big part that will set you on the path you will take in the future. The people you encounter will change your life. Join the orchestra or band at Cordova High School and become apart of our family!

Julissa Baza

My name is Julissa Baza, I've played Classical music since I was eleven years old. In my family, everyone has a musical talent: singing, playing drums or guitar, even rapping. But as I tried to find myself in the musical world I just became more lost. Until one day when I opened the closet to find a beautiful Violin, untouched, unheard. I was determined to become the best. I fell in love; the sound flowed through me and as I continued to play unto my high school years I grew even more and more as a musician. I learned more and challenged myself by learning a new instrument. This is my third year playing for Cordova, and today I play the cello alongside some of the greatest people I've ever met. Mr. Sims, my teacher, is more than just a conductor, he is a mentor dedicated to helping his students grow and learn. I would not be where am without him and the amazing musicians I get to call my friends and peers. Cordova High School's Music Program has opened so many doors for me, not only as a musician, but as a student; my section, my stand partners, my fellow musicians are my family now. I've created so many memories I will hold on too for years to come and I'm excited to make more.

The New Performing Arts Center- Another Reason to Join!

There is no way to explain how excited I am to have the new Performing Arts Center to play in and have my final concerts in a Lancer. For the Incoming freshman, You will have this amazing building for four years. I had to play for years in cafeterias and gyms and now the music we work so hard on will be properly admired in a theater.
Cordova High School Performing Arts Center

The Challenge

Playing in a high school concert is a little bit different than playing in a middle school concert. the music will be challenging, the pressure is even more intense and the crowds are usually a bit bigger too. But it's all truly worth it. As everything gets harder, you'll grow and become an even better musician. And even with the daily struggle of balancing school with orchestra, there are always others around to help. We are a family. We are all in this together (note that real high school is nothing like High School Musical).

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