Father Charles Coughlin

By Kevin Hwang


Born on October 21, 1891 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1916 and believed in Conservative Clerical Activism. He was known as the Radio Priest for his frequent radio broadcasts on Catholicism while talking about politics. A church in Royal Oak, Michigan called the Shrine of the Little Flower became his center of activity where he would often broadcast. He also created the National Union for Social Justice in 1935 to represent the interests of his listeners in Washington D.C., it gained over 1 million paying members by 1936.


Father Coughlin was an influential figure in the 1930 presidential elections. he swayed his viewers votes in 1932 towards Franklin Roosevelt and in 1936 he had control over the 1 million members votes of the NUSJ. He also heavily influenced the political thoughts of his group the NUSJ and the listeners of his radio broadcasts who numbered in over the tens of millions.


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