Elizabeth Shields

Being me is the best and no one else because being me is fun

Words that describe me:

My biggest influences

I have two huge influences which are My Mom and Taylor Caniff. The reasons my mom is on is because she their when i need her to be and she understand me when I'm in a huge problems and don't know how to fix it.

Taylor Caniff is my other influence because he tells bis fans how beautiful we are and not to listen to what people have to say about us it only matters what your family thinks of you.He the one person that can make me smile when I'm having my worst day ever. ( I go home and watch his vines.)

Things that mean something to me

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My favorite movie and book

My favorite movie is Frozen because it comedy, family friendly, and much more I would recommend it to people who wanna laugh.

My favorite book is the Hunger games. My favorite character is catnip. I like love the book cause it has a lot of action in it.


Standing out

People try to fit in ,but me ha-ha no! I stand out and be myself and act who I am not try to be like everyone else! Like me for me!!!http://www.pinterest.com/pin/427208714623519461/

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A place that's in had a impact on me

The place that's has the biggest impact on my life is Missouri. I'm from Missouri and my whole family lives their or has died their. I love that places people know me and i know them and i love the water parks they have or they have the best parades. I love going their in the summer cause i get to see my family, like my aunt, uncle, grandma/grandpa, my brother, and my little nephew. (He the cutest out of the family!) That's why the Missouri has the biggest impact on my life!!


I have different hobbies but they go with the seasons. It may seem weird but some things you can't do in the winter that you can do in the summer.

In the summer I like to play outside or hang-out with my friends or go swimming with my friends and family cause that what we prefer to do.

In the winter I like to sit by the lighted fire with my family and drink hot chocolate and talk about the funny things that happen that year.

In the fall I like to help my mom rack the leaves with her so I could jump in them to make big mess, but I end up help her rack them again so we can have a nice yard for when people come by and look at our house.

In the spring I to go out and play in the rain if it rain that day. It fun to go out an play in the , but sometimes I get sick and it not fun after , but I still go back and play in it again because I don't care anymore.

Or watch frozen with my little sister cause that's out favorite movie to watch since it came out. Everyday when we both get home we watch Frozen and we sing along with the words.


Taylor Swift - 22
Shawn Mendes - Something Big

My bio

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Shields and I'm a person who outgoing and is their when i need to be or at-least try to be their for a person if needed. I'm 14 and I go to Anna Middle School and it where I met so many of my really good friends. :)