Beary Good Bears

Mrs. Jenkins' Class

What We Are Learning

Math: Fractions and Time

Phonics: /oi/ and /oy/ spelling pattern (diphthong: a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable, in which the sound begins as one vowel and moves toward another)

Spelling: join, boil, point, noise, moist, toy, boy, joy, ahoy, enjoy

Sight Words: say, great, where, help, through

Writing: Details, Revising, Editing, Publishing

Reading: Research on animals in habitats

Science: Trees

Social Studies: How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Important Dates To Remember

April 15th-Fitness Friday

April 22nd-Carnival 5:30-8:00

April 25th-May 13th: End of the year Aimsweb testing and Developmental Reading Assessments

May 5th-Field Trip to Arboretum

Our Research On Habitats

The children are having a great time researching their habitat. I have them divided into 5 groups and each group has their own habitat. Last week, we looked at location, land formation, and plants. This week, we will focus on the animals in the habitat and create their own research journal. You can see the charts they are responsible for: What We Think We Know, Yes We Were Right, New Learning, We Don't Think This Anymore. They use sticky notes so that they can move their learning around as they research. I love the talking and sharing they do!