Newsletter Term 3 Week 2

West Park School - 4th August 2021


Kia ora, Talofa, Kia orana,

Greetings Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers,

Welcome back to Term 3. The term already looks like being a busy one across the school.

ArtSplash and DanceSplash 2021:

All in Team Kahikatea are busy preparing to be part of the fantastic experience that is ArtSplash. They will be part of the music performance on TUESDAY 14 SEPTEMBER at 7.30pm in the Michael Fowler Centre. This year we will also have a talented dance group performing at DanceSplash on FRIDAY 17 SEPTEMBER at 7.30pm in the Michael Fowler Centre. Tickets for both events will soon be available to be purchased via Kindo. Jodi or Kathy will email out a notice regarding costs and availability as soon as the school receives the tickets from the event organisers.

PLEASE HELP! I’ve had yet another neighbour write to the school expressing concerns about parents parking illegally in the afternoon when picking up their kids. The list of infringement, include parking on broken yellow lines, across driveways, parking too close to driveways and even double parking in the middle of the road to do a pick up. I appreciate that parking close to school is limited, however the risks associated with the above would seem to outweigh the inconvenience of taking a longer walk to school.

Preparations are well underway for this year’s Years 4-6 School swimming sports on Wednesday 25th of August. More information will be sent out soon by Michael Joseph our event organiser.



At West Park School we value diversity by accepting the individuality of others, their views, beliefs and heritage.

As our society becomes more diverse, children are increasingly exposed to people from different backgrounds and cultures. It is only natural that young children wonder about those who are different from them in some way, so it’s important to teach children about the value of diversity. Show them that these differences in beliefs, cultures and religions only serve to enrich our lives and bring new ideas and energies to our world. As a parent, you can help prepare your child to be accepting and tolerant of others by celebrating differences and creating opportunities for your child to interact with people from various backgrounds.

Talk about the value of diversity. Healthy social and emotional development is often defined by the environment and culture in which a child is raised, and it varies from child to child. Children start identifying as part of a group based on race, ethnicity, religion or other affiliations. Teach your child about diversity by explaining to them that even within their own group, people are different, and that there is not one standard that is better than the others. You can also do this by asking them how they would feel if all of their toys were the same or if all of the crayons in the box were the same color.

As a parents you could further help your child value and appreciate diversity in everyday experiences by modeling behaviors that are open and kind toward others.

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Team Miro Olympics

To celebrate the Olympics and create an enriched Writing Prompt the children competed in the First Team Miro Olympics. The children competed in a variety of challenges including Paper Plane and Bean Bag toss, Pencil Partner Race, Jumping (how many jumps can you do in 30 seconds), Strength (How many books can you hold?), and lastly Balloon Volley. Great fun was had and the children enjoyed getting a taste of competing.

How To Say My Name

Thank you to everyone who submitted a video for the "How to Say My Name" competition. We have had over 100 entries! The videos are serving to be helpful to teachers, allowing us to hear the pronunciation of names and helping us to pronounce names correctly. A remember that the first three classes to have everyone submit their videos to Mrs. Mullen at will win a session on a bouncy castle at school. No class has yet won the bouncy castle jumping session. The last day to submit videos will be Friday 6th August.

Thank you

Life Education is Visiting

Harold is visiting West Park School in Week 3 and 4 this year. Each class will have two sessions in the van. What each session will cover is detailed below:

Yrs. 1 and 2: How do we make decisions and what are the impacts of these decisions? Why do we need to eat different kinds of foods during the day?

Yrs. 3 and 4: How do our feelings change how we are influenced? Why is it important to show empathy towards others?

Yrs. 5 and 6: How do we change as we get older? Is it Ok to be different?

Builder Needed

The library is still in need of a builder to help us build some bench seating to complete our brand new library. We have the funds available for labor and resources we just need a builder. If you are someone that is able to help or know of one that is available please get in contact with

Reminder on School Opening Times

Just a reminder that teachers are in their classrooms from 8.30 am each day.

Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in students turning up to class much earlier than this. This is a concern for us as we can not guarantee the safety of your child if they come to school early. Prior to 8.30 am, teachers are in meetings, sorting out resources, or making their way to school themselves.

If you are needing to drop your child off early, please feel free to contact Kelly Club who run a before and after school programme in our hall. They will be able to provide further details around their services.

Also, between 8.30-3.00pm teachers are unable to check their emails. If you have an important message to pass on to your child, please ring the office and let them know and they will talk to your child. The school phone number is 04 478 7074. Teachers aim to reply to emails within 3 working days. If the topic is urgent, please contact the office directly to have the message passed on.

Road Patrol

We are desperate to hear from any parents who during term 3 are able to volunteer 30-45 minutes for one morning a week or 20-25 minutes for one afternoon a week, to go on a roster to help with road patrol supervision.

If you are able to help we would very much appreciate it. Please email Jade Poulter on

Library Overdue Books

A reminder from our Librarian that children are allocated 2 weeks of borrowing time. If they need more time they are encouraged to come and see us during either their class library session or at lunchtime to renew. At the moment the library has over 1 quarter of all West Park Student's having overdue books. This takes away time from our Librarian Fiona updating and sourcing new and exciting books for our book database to chase these books up. Please check in with your child or their teacher as to what day they go to the library and support them in making sure that they have their books ready to be returned on time. Thanks!

Upcoming School Dates

Monday 23 August – BoT meeting 6.15pm in Room 15

Tuesday 24 August – Rugby Tournament (Yr 5/6 team)

Wednesday 25 August – Swimming Sports

Friday 27 August – Staff Only Day (School CLOSED)

Monday 6 September – ASB trip for Years 5/6

Friday 10 September – Northern Zone Swimming

Monday 13 September – ASB trip for Years 1/2

Tuesday 14 September – ArtSplash

Friday 17 September – DanceSplash

Monday 20 September – ASB trip for Years 3/4

Wednesday 22 September – Years 5/6 Science Roadshow

Monday 27 September - BoT meeting 6.15pm in Room 15


The following are the Board approved 2022 term dates which will have us align with the 2022 Raroa Intermediate term dates:

· Term 1 Thursday 3 Feb – Thursday 14 April

· Term 2 Mon 2 May – Fri 8 July

· Term 3 Mon 25 July – Fri 30 Sept

· Term 4 Mon 17 Oct – Fri 16 Dec

Community Notices

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Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Drama Classes. For over 40 years!

Our international curriculum will help explore performance skills and creativity, overcome shyness, develop positive self-esteem, grow imagination, make new friends and have lots of fun. Fun after-school classes for 5 – 17-year-olds held in Khandallah, Tawa, Whitby, Lower Hutt. To enroll or for more information please phone 0800 161 131 or visit
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