My Future

By Ryan Finney


As soon as I am out of High School, i'm taking a break. I'm simply just going to chill at my parents' house for a year or 2, working my job at Harris Teeter or Food Lion while doing some fun stuff. I'll do this because I just did 13 years of school (counting Kindergarten) in a row, and I deserve a little break.

The Navy

After i'm done with my little break, I will sign up to get into the Navy. It should be pretty easy, they accept you as long as you have a High School degree, and that's not too hard to get. Because i'll take ROTC for 4 years, i'll get ahead of some people in the Navy, instead of starting out with no rank, I start out as the third rank, makin' some bank just like my brothers. In the Navy, i'll join the easiest job ever, i'll be a Yeoman. My brother Joey has that job, and all it is is just sitting on the computer for a few hours a day doing paper work while making easy money (when I get in as an E3, i'll make 25,000 a year, and when I rank up, i'll get more, much more). This job requires some in Navy training, but not much at all. I'll be in for 4 years.

Random Quote: "A good Navy is not a provocation to war. It is the surest guaranty of peace."

-President Theodore Roosevelt

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Ima be a Hokie

I've always loved Virginia Tech, from their Football, to the school itself. I've been to that school multiple times because my sister Shauna went and graduated there. I hope my time in the Navy gets me in for free, but if it doesn't, whatever, I'll have money... While in Virginia Tech, I will try to get degrees in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering, so after i'm done with 8 years in the Navy next, i'll do some sort of computer business.

Below is a picture of legendary Virginia Tech Quarterback Michael Vick, because he is another reason I want to go to Tech, I love Football, the Eagles, and he went to Tech.

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Navy again?

Yup, after i'm done with College, it's the Navy again, for 8 years this time. (After another 1 year break of course) It's going to be nothing special, just working on a computer again, maybe ranking up a few times making more bank.

Done with da Navy

After the long 8 year stint with the Navy, i'm done with it, i'm sure it will be very boring and I won't do anymore of it... Thanks to Virginia Tech, i'll start my own little business fixing computers and stuff like that, I like computers, people always struggle with computer problems, it pays well, so why not?
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I'm set

Well, that's pretty much it, i'm all set right now. After the Navy, i'll be doing Computer things for a pretty long time, maybe until my 50's or 60's, but after i'm done with the Navy, i'll be like 35-ish. So i'll still have good times before I get too old. Of course, i'm still a Freshman, you can't expect everything to be perfect here, I literally just came up with this plan sitting at my desk, I think it's pretty good, but then again, I have about 3 more years to get it perfect. But yeah, plenty of time, or so I think...