Cottowood Stake Pioneer Trek

'The Refiner's Fire' Malachi 3:3

Cottonwood Stake Pioneer Trek

  • Drop off 10 miles from the Clint's Wells junction at 9:30am Wednesday June 5th
  • Pick up is 7 miles from the Clint's Well junction at 12:00 noon Saturday June 8th
  • Those who are picking up, please bring lunch for your group
  • Driving instructions are further down the flyer.

Women's Clothing

2 Dresses, jumpers or skirts with long-sleeved shirts. (Dresses, jumpers and skirts must be at least mid-calf to ankle length, to ensure you do not trip over them).

· 1 or 2 Bonnets or straw hat.

· 1 or 2 Pairs of bloomers or pantaloons. (Can be made out of hospital pants).

· 1or 2 Aprons. (Large pockets are helpful).

· 1 Flannel nightgown or sweat pants and shirt.

Men's Clothing

2 Pairs of canvas or cotton pants. (No Jeans).

· 2 Long-sleeved shirts.

· 1 Wide-brimmed western style hat or straw hat. (No baseball caps).

· 1 Pair of suspenders or belt.

Directions from Camp Verde to pick up location.

Driving directions to Fire Road 3, Happy Jack, AZ 86024

Camp Verde, AZ

1. Head south on S Main St toward W Head St

0.5 mi

2. Turn left onto AZ-260 E

31.2 mi

3. Turn left onto AZ-87 N

11.8 mi

4. Turn left onto Co Rd 209/Lake Mary Rd/National Forest Rd Route 3

13.7 mi

Fire Road 3

Happy Jack, AZ 86024

You will see Cottonwood Trek Markers approx 7 miles from the turn onto Lake Mary Rd/ Forest Road Route 3