TKAM Allusion Project

Juliana Steele 3rd Period

Allusion 1: Nothing to fear but fear itself.

This quote or advice is meaning you don't need to be scared of anything but itself. Harper Lee chose this quote to teach the reader that being afraid will not teach you anything good in life. There maybe times when you might be afraid, but there has to be a point in life where you have to be strong and not fearing anything. Jem was afraid to touch the Radley house, his sister Scout told him to. If Jem didn't knock on the door he would be called names, So he touched the Radley house to face his fear and not be called names. This quote was famous in the 1930's. (Ch. 6, pg.70)

Allusion 2: One Man's Family

This means Atticus takes care of two children, Jem and Scout by himself. He is a single parent. Harper Lee wanted to say to the reader that some children have a single parent in their life, but still the parent would give their child/children advice in life or where they have to face in their lives. Atticus gives Jem and Scout advice through out the book. It shows us that Atticus is setting a good example to Jem and Scout. (Ch.4)

Allusion 3: All men are created Equal

This quote means that men are equal, but the men sometimes don't see their equal. The people only care about the color of the person. Atticus dosen't care what color the people are not even blacks. Atticus sees all mean equal from the inside. Atticus continues to the jury: he cites Thomas Jefferson's famous line that all men are created equal, and says that this doesn't mean that everyone is just as talented as everyone else, but that everyone is equal under the law. (Ch.20)


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