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News & Notes from the Morningside Library - August 23

The MES library now has an easy to remember web address - - which should make it easier to link to your own websites and Google classrooms as well as share with parents and students who are seeking book recommendations. There are tabs FOR TEACHERS, FOR STUDENTS, and FOR PARENTS. Take a quick tour in the video below.
Library Website Tour

Back to School Read Aloud Suggestions

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Books about names like Your Name is a Song and The Name Jar, are a great place to start the year. With a focus on respect, identity and correct pronunciation these books can start conversations with students about the origins of their names.

Books about identity and community are extremely important as we begin to establish relationships with students; books like Where are You From, You Matter, Fry Bread, and All Welcome Here can ignite dialogue about family, community, and culture.

Books about race and racism are essential. Our nation is having a moment of reckoning on race that needs to continue, and it can continue in our classrooms and libraries with books like A Kids Book About Racism, Let's Talk About Race, and The Colors of Us. As educators we have a responsibility to our students and our community to get students thinking and talking about race so that they can begin their anti-racist journey.

Books to unplug and slow down are necessary as we gear up for virtual school. Kids will have more than their fair share of screen time as the year begins with online learning. Read books about the importance of slowing down our fast pace, and unplugging from electronics at the end of the school day. Books like Doug Unplugged, Unplugged, and Hurry Up, remind us that our best adventures often happen when we move away from screens and notice our surroundings.

Books about germs and hand-washing can't be read enough whether we're in a pandemic or not. As the country grapples with slowing the spread of COVID-19 empower kids with lessons about germs with books like Do Not Lick This Book. Give them simple, actionable steps they can take to do their part to keep themselves and each other safe at school with books like Germs vs. Soap and I Don't Want to Wash My Hands.

Books about fresh starts and trying new things are perfect to read at the beginning of the school year. Many kids may feel they've been labeled by former teachers or even former classmates. Books like The Bad Seed show students everyone can start again. The Day You Begin is a book that encourages students to be who they truly are, and with that first timid step, they will encourage others to do the same, and we often find out we have more in common than we may have initially thought. The Magical Yet conveys a message of not giving up. Students will encounter lots of new things this school year, and it's important to remember that even if you haven't mastered something, there is power in saying you haven't mastered it YET!

Copyright and Fair Use Review

Watch this two-minute video as a reminder about copyright and fair-use.

Now, more than ever before, it's easy to copy and paste and download images and videos to reuse for your own purposes.

Remember the four points of fair use from this video as you begin to prepare your lessons for virtual learning.

Copyright and Fair Use Animation

Accessing eBooks & eResources in MyBackpack

Learn how to access eBooks and eResources in MyBackpack; as well as how to access AFPLS Class Pass, Hoopla Digital and Epic for Kids.

Be sure to download this PDF guide with usernames, passwords, and step-by-step illustrated directions for accessing eBooks and eResources as well as how to access AFPLS Class Pass.

How to Access eBooks and eResources Through MyBackpack

MyOn Refresher

This video presents first-time users of MyOn with a brief tutorial. Be sure to download this reference guide.

Using MyOn for the First Time