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7th and Final Edition!

Hello all first years, upperclassmen, and transfer student PNM's!

I hope everyone is so excited for recruitment this Saturday! It's finally here! I can't wait to see everyone on Friday for our first meeting. This is our final newsletter, so read it thoroughly for all updates & reminders.

The most important things for you this week are:

  • Be aware that you are required to be at a meeting on January 8th at 6pm or 7pm - so be back on campus before that. You do NOT get to choose which meetings (details below).
  • Recruitment starts Saturday!
  • ASRT Makeup - if you didn't complete it, the makeup session is after the pre-recruitment meeting on Friday!
  • Submit a question or concern here anonymously! We will address all final questions in our meeting on Friday. Last chance!
  • Email me allergies & other medical/accessibility concerns ASAP!

<3 Lauren, Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment

Pre-Recruitment Meeting

Friday, Jan. 8th, 6-8pm

Sarratt Cinema

This is the first event back from winter break. It is mandatory, and there are two times: 6pm or 7pm. The time you go to depends on your Gamma Chi group's assigned time - you do not get to pick. At this meeting, you will hear final reminders and get your schedules for display round, on Saturday, when you will visit all 10 houses. Can't wait to see you there!

After the meeting, there will be the ASRT makeup session. Make sure you're there if you didn't do it yet.

Formal Recruitment Schedule

Why am I giving you the info on formal recruitment dates now, you may ask? Well, that is because with the deadlines for the Formal Recruitment absence application approaching, you need to make sure you understanding all the things you are required to be at.
  • Jan 8 evening - Pre-Recruitment Meeting (6 and 7pm, by GX group)
  • Jan 9 all day - Display Round
20 min rounds, meet & learn about chapter values (go to all 10 chapters)
  • Jan 10 all day - Philanthropy Round
25 min rounds, learn about chapter's philanthropy and service activities (go to max of 8)
  • Jan 15 early evening - late night - Entertainment Night
40 min rounds, see performances that showcase personalities, talk more w/ members (go to max of 5)
  • Jan 16 afternoon - Pre-preference Meeting (12:30pm)
  • Jan 16 evening - Preference Round
50 min rounds, engage in chapter ceremonies (more serious mood - be prepared)(go to max of 2)
  • Jan 17 afternoon-evening - Bid Day
Starts at 1pm, end time determined by your chapter. Receive bid & celebrate!

Have questions, concerns, or need someone to talk to?

  • Greek Life Office staff members - we're located in Sarratt 207 or by phone at (615) 322-2048, where there will be plenty of people able to talk to you and address your concerns.
  • PCC (Psychological and Counseling Center) - Located at 2015 Terrace Place or by phone at (615) 322 - 2571. They're familiar with Panhellenic recruitment, and can help you through the process, if you feel stressed or need someone to talk to.
  • Panhellenic exec members - our names and pictures are above! You can find our email address here, and we will also be in the Greek Life Office and roaming around during recruitment, so don't hesitate to ask to talk!
  • Gamma Chi's - you already know this one, but just a reminder that all Gamma Chi's are a valuable resource for you for any thought or worry you might have about this process. We're all here to help in any way we can.

Other Recruitment Reminders

  1. Be courteous to all. Being a member is a privilege, not a right. Do not act poorly, rudely, or unkindly in anyway. We will hear about it, and it is grounds for immediate release.
  2. Other grounds for release: missing any part of a recruitment round, drinking anytime during formal recruitment, being on fraternity property, not maximizing options, etc.
  3. Don't overthink what you're wearing (Pinterest here if you want ideas, but you do you) - we're looking to recruit wonderful people, not wonderful outfits! :)
  4. Pack for the cold.
  5. Visit the break room in the BCM building (next to Alpha Delta Pi and across from Branscomb). There will be a sign out front in case you're not sure you're in the right place. There will be food, hot chocolate, & plenty of heat to warm up in!
  6. "Hi/Bye Week" - this is the week between the two weekends of recruitment. During this week, please refrain from having extended conversations with active members. Just keep it to a simple hi & bye - this is not supposed to be a recruiting week, just focus on your school work.
  7. Going out/drinking & recruitment - there is NO drinking whatsoever during recruitment. In the gap week between the two weekends however, you may go out if you are 21, but we do not recommend it. Focus on school & stay rested for recruitment! Active members won't be going out, either. For everyone: no drinking/partying whatsoever for 48 hours after the end of Bid Day activities.
  8. Fraternities & recruitment - fraternities are not a part of the recruitment process. No active members or PNM's can be on fraternity property until the first registered party after recruitment ends.
  9. Look for the chapter that fits you, not your friends or your family. You're the one who's going to be a member for a lifetime, not them.
  10. This is an individual journey. Don't worry about how many chapters you're going to and don't compare.
  11. Have fun!

Finance 101

Want more info about chapter dues & finances? Look no further.

Recruitment's Over...Now What?

After recruitment ends, you will get your bid on Bid Day and go to venues to celebrate with other new members! On Bid Day, the activities will last into the evening.

For 48 hours after the conclusion of these activities, there is no drinking or partying allowed whatsoever for new members or active members. Anyway, the next day will be MLK Day, and you have opportunities to join your future sisters in service activities and activities hosted around campus!

After Bid Day, you will enter a new member period, where you will receive education about your chapter, get a big sister, and get to know your chapter before you get initiated later in the semester.

During this time, please reach out if you have questions or concerns. Gamma Chi's will be following up with you after Bid Day to make sure you're doing well, and Panhellenic exec, Greek Life Staff members, and the PCC (contact info above) will always be available as resources to you. We don't abandon you after recruitment!

Also, your primary resource in this time will be your new member educators of your chapter. They can help you get adjusted or answer any questions.

Recruitment is just the beginning, and you have plenty of resources available to you to help you throughout the entire process!


Absence Policy During Recruitment

Absences policies were already due & reviewed, but here is the policy just in case you were granted an excused absence and have further questions:

  • How seriously do we take attendance during Formal Recruitment Rounds? Panhellenic closely monitors which rounds PNM's go to throughout the day during recruitment in January. So, you cannot secretively miss one round -- it will be recorded, and you will have to report to Panhellenic to discuss your absence.
  • What will happen if I am considered excused? Panhellenic will tell the chapters that you are formally excused, so they will have the option to offer you a courtesy invitation or not. Being excused is not a guarantee; however, it significantly heightens the likelihood of getting invited back to the next round. If you don't show up, no one has to invite you back.
  • What will happen if I am considered unexcused? If you are considered unexcused and miss anyway, it is grounds for release from the recruitment process.

Panhellenic Executive Officers

Big image
Top left to right: Jen Warner (president), Cristina Petrovich (administration), Lauren Brooks (VP/recruitment), Tiffany Silverstein (new member education)

Bottom left to right: Julia Gabriel (PR), Paula Inglis (judicial affairs), Victoria Potter (programming), Sam Marton (Gamma Chi's)

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Important Resources

Lauren Brooks, VP of Recruitment

If you have any questions or inquiries contact Lauren at any time! She's always ready and willing to talk and help you as you need.

Greek Life Office

Please follow Vanderbilt Greek Life on all social media! We're always posting information about what's going on in our community -- whether that be meetings, events, service activities, or even fun social media contests. It's a great way to keep involved and keep up-to-date on all things Greek Life.