Magnolia Intermediate's Message

Week of Oct. 5th

News to Know

STUDENT HOLIDAY OCT. 12th for all students

F2F (Face to Face)

Morning Bell

It is important that your student arrive at school before the final bell in the mornings. The final bell to begin instruction rings at 8:00.

End of Nine Weeks

The end of the nine weeks is this Friday, October 9th. Students will be involved in assessments of learning this week. Some of these will be in the form of a test while some are in other forms. I know back in the day when we attended school, there was often long study sheets sent home for tests. However that is no longer the norm.

Picture Day

Picture day is Tuesday, October 6th. Pictures are taken through the students' PE class. Should you choose to buy pictures, students brought home a brochure this past weekend for you to choose a picture packet.

Virtual Students

Big picture

Attendance for Virtual Classes

Starting with the new nine weeks we will begin using an attendance button, as seen above, for virtual classes. The attendance button will be located at the top of the home page for EACH course. Students are required to click the button and fill out the form each day for every class.

Teachers will add the button by Wednesday the 7th and will be addressing the use of the button in their zoom meetings this week. Starting October 13th it will be mandatory to complete this task for attendance.


Please make sure your student has completed all assignments for this nine weeks. Teachers have been reaching out to students who have missing assignments. Mrs. Harless has been attempting to reach out to parents to let them know if their child is missing work. In that vein, it is important that your information in the Parent Portal is up to date. As of Friday October 9th those missing assignments will be locked in at a zero. If you are having any trouble navigating CANVAS please reach out to Mrs. Harless at