Lord of the flies

By William Golding Read by C.Hampton

Right before world war 2 a group of boys get stranded on a island with no rules or civilization, what will happen

My Opinion

My Opinion is that it had a really good story line and it represents the same thing what would happen if you were on a island with no rules or civilization. I recommend this book to teens and adults, because of the tricky words and connecting everything together.
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Picking Sides- Jacks side or Ralph side

There are two different sides, Jacks and Ralph's. Jacks side is to get food and be savages,trust no one, not getting anything to help them besides food, because he saw a pig and didn't kill it and he regrets him self for it. Ralph's side is safety, and getting away from the the island. He had a great idea of making a smoke signal. So pick a side, Do you want to be a savage and kill people and steal, or be calm have rules and get off the island. I personally choose to get off the island and be calm, now pick what side your on.

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