WiFi Changes

BPS is the new WiFi network! Burlington has Disapeared!

A) Logging onto BPS from Everything except a Chrombook

For macs, iPads, and PCs you you will be asked to for a username and password. Use the credentials you used to use when you first started up your old laptop. This is likely first name space last name (ex. dan donoff) and your network password. (most likely it is the same as your Google password)

B) Logging onto BPS from a Chromebook

Click the wi-fi symbol in the lower right and then click the network you are on. Wait for the list of available wi-fi networks to load and select BPS.

Last Screen

On the last screen you only need to enter three things:

1. Change the "EAP method" to "PEAP."

2. Enter your username (first name space last name) where is says "identity."

3. Enter your network password where it says "password."

And click Connect.