People and World React to Titanic

Eston Whitmore

What Reaction Men had when the could not get on a Life Boat?

On the Titanic the men went out of there way to help women and children get to safety. You were 53% more likely to survive if you were a woman. The children were 14.8% more likely to survive then adults. Compared to another ship that sunk 3 years later the men helped them selves got the life boats for them. If you were a kid you were 5.3% less likely to survive than adults. If you were a woman you were 1.1% less likely to survive the sinking of the ship.

How much money did the White Star company Pay back to survivors?

How did the media react to the Titanic sinking?

The media all had different stories from all surviving to no one surviving. One newspaper the Evening Sun said "all passengers survived and got on life boats. Another thing said over ship radios, " The Titanic Is being towed in and has most Passengers alive."One of the reasons it was such a surprise is because they based the idea that it was unsinkable.The Titanic Radio message ended up all over the world because the ships kept on sending kept on sending the message to get help. So the summary of the medias reaction was not the same and not all were very accurate.

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