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5ive For Friday

1. Less is More. I recently have gone through the process of living the life of "less is more". Limiting wants and focusing on needs is key with this process. What is difficult is applying this at this time of the year when basically everything we are purchasing and considering is likely a want and not a need. Like everything else it starts with a list. What is it you need? What is it you want?

This is a difficult process and requires discipline. What you will find is that you have most of what you need, you have a lot to throw out or donate, and your needs are more precise. It doesn't mean you still don't want something. It doesn't mean you still can't splurge on that want. However, you will see that you are less likely to want unnecessary things.

As I said I recently applied this to my own life. Again, I still purchase wants but they are more precise and limited. For example if the want is an impulse it is a no. If the want is something that won't last for years to come (outside of food) it is discarded. If I can walk away from the want and a few days later I don't want that more or seem to NEED it more then it is discarded.

This can also work with your kids. Louis is playing basketball now. He wanted shoes like one of his teammates, green Kevin Durant shoes...green... they were $150. We had a discussion about wants and needs and how spending that much money on his shoes only impacted him, but if we bought $50 shoes and donated $100 for the SPCA (he loves animals) that could help a lot of animals his choice was simple. The bonus is we both felt good about it. He still had new shoes and he got to visit some animals at the SPCA and have that feeling of being helpful.

This same philosophy applies to our teaching and beginning with the end in mind. What do we want our students to learn? What do we NEED our students to learn? The need is a must for their learning. The want is a bonus. If we are teaching and planning correctly our student learning should look like the diagram below.

2. Who I am inspired by: BJ Novak: That guy from The Office and a variety of other movies. Creative genius, director, writer, actor, author, stand up comedian and owner of a tech company? Yes, this guy does it all and oh by the way he is a Harvard graduate.

3. Who I am listening to: Holiday calls for the greats. So go Dean Martin. Frank is there and amazing but there is something about Dean when he sings that you just know it is cool and great. Anything Dean sings for holiday music is greatness.

4. Technology I am using:

1. Evernote. I take all of my notes on this app and I have since 2010. I keep a running daily journal on here and I have every meeting I have been in for the last 5 years on it as well. I can search it like google, I can use it on my PC, MacBook, Chromebook, iPad, and iPhone and it syncs between them all. In fact it is what I am writing this on now!

2. Chrome Momentum: this is new. It is a task master that works in your Internet browser. It helps keep me focused on what I need to get done and helps me do it! Still trying it out but it is very pretty (great picture backgrounds) and easy to use.

5. What I am reading:

1. Daily Rituals: A book about the daily rituals of people, some crazy, some depressing, some very inspiring.

2. The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak, try not to love this book. Your kids will love it more!

3. I am ordering a book that I am considering for team leaders next year. It is a 180 from education books but all about leadership. Written by General Stanley McCrystal it will challenge us to think with the big picture in mind. More than Hosp, more than FISD. Challenge us to think of our teaching and the impact on a global scale.

So what does this have to do with teaching? Everything! Find joy in less and you will see more benefits. Apply this to how our students learn. Sometimes they don't need everything and the kitchen sink. Maybe they just need a hug and a little reteach.


Grant Winners: Sara Bagby, Taylor Hahn, Brandy Bedell, Tyra Damm, and Lara Weinke! Their grant will double the size our of guided reading library.

Lone Star High Football playing in huge game! http://www.friscoisd.org/news/district-headlines/2015/12/07/football-playoffs

Hosp School Zone Update: In addition, Mr. Wilkinson said the District is exploring the possibility of allowing all currently-enrolled Hosp Elementary students to stay at Hosp. He suggested any new students who move in to specific neighborhoods in Phillips Creek Ranch or Frisco Lakes after January 1, 2016 could attend Nichols, as the District anticipates students in these neighborhoods will attend a future elementary school in Phillips Creek Ranch. Because Nichols would have ample space with the rezoning of all of Pearson Farms, Wilkinson said the new campus could open a year later than previously thought – 2018 instead of 2017, although leaders will continue to monitor and prepare.

*This goes to board on the 14th.

*Staff Party Thursday 5-8 at Wendy Tamney's home

*We are NOT giving out a key over Winter Break

*80's Day for the 80th Day of School on January 5th

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Change of Dismissal

Please verbally confirm each change with the student to ensure they know where to go.

Copy Paper

We will not be placing a reorder for copier paper until we return from the winter break. We should have enough on hand until then, but please continue to be good stewards of the paper you are using. Please remember that the copy paper located by the printers is for printer use only. Please do not use it in your classrooms for scratch paper, drawing activities, etc. Thank you!

Lost or Damaged Guided Reading Books

Please continue to notify Jennifer Dennis should a book become lost or damaged. Jennifer will setup the applicable fee via MyPaymentsPlus.


We will be cleaning out both refrigerators and freezers next Friday before leaving for break. Please remove anything that is yours as everything else will be discarded.

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