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October 3, 2016

Nikki's Notion

What I am about to share is stolen. Anything valuable that I ever share usually is...

Here it is:

These 3 things matter:

Educators' belief in students

Educators' belief in themselves

Students' belief in themselves

I have thought about these three things that matter over the past week.

1. Educators’ belief in students

So many of our students come to school having lost hope. Many of our kids have never had anyone in their lives who let them know that they matter. Many of our kids have never been the apple of their parents’ eyes. The students who come to us with natural academic ability, confidence and hope make our jobs easy. For the others, they make our jobs worth it. Teaching is supporting all of the needs that students have that do not come naturally. If we are student-focused and if we focus on their needs, teaching is hard work. Teaching is often even exhausting work. But, teaching is exhausting for all of the RIGHT reasons if we are in it for the right reasons. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like a failure when our work is hard. Don’t lose hope. Many of our students are depending on US as THEIR hope. If we give up hope, they have no hope. What a gift we have in our profession. We know that our work matters. Like the quote above says, the hard part for us is that it matters EVERY SINGLE DAY.

2. Educators’ belief in themselves

It took me way too many years to trust myself as an educator. For too many years, I created an environment that I thought was loving and supportive for all students, but when certain students didn’t succeed in that environment, I panicked. I assumed either that I was a failure, or I determined that that particular student was beyond my reach. Fear is often the result when we reach difficulty. Sometimes it is easy to be negative and hopeless when we face difficulties that exceed our experience or knowledge base. When we focus on students instead of ourselves, it’s easier to have the confidence to be creative, to learn and to be a risk taker in working to meet the needs of our classrooms. Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. This quote should empower us to keep trying. We can’t expect students who do not have the necessary skills to succeed to suddenly acquire the skills to be successful without us changing something for them. This is about our kids and what they need, instead of it being about our expertise or failure. To me, this is empowering. It is imperative that we trust ourselves and believe in ourselves to problem solve for the sake of our kids.

3. Students’ belief in themselves

You are at Roosevelt because you believe that students matter. We are here for our students. Most of our kids are full of self-doubt. It is our calling and our responsibility to find ways to inspire hope and confidence in our students. When our students are unsuccessful and when they lack motivation, it’s clear they do not have a belief in themselves. Loving kids is our highest priority. Believing in our kids will help our students see reasons to believe in themselves. When our students challenge us, they are revealing their weakness . I have to personally remember that the students who challenge us most, need us the most.

The clip below is one I have shared time and time again, but it’s just that good. I need it several times a year. Remember, every child needs a champion. You may be the only champion that some kids will ever know. We matter. We are making a difference. We are CALLED to DREAM BIG for the sake of our kids. We are Roosevelt Bears!

Wishing you a week full of blessings!


Important Reminders

  • A teacher or Instructional Assistant needs to be present with students when they are in the cafeteria--please make sure that students are supervised before leaving for your lunch or next duty
  • Food in the Classroom--due to several unwanted critters; please do not keep food in your classrooms--also limit food being brought back to the room from the cafeteria.
  • Collaborative Agendas should include the majority of time committed to discussing units and student proficiency.
  • DRA data conferences--remember that tiers and/or interventions will not change at this time based on DRA information--these kinds of changes will not be made until our next RTI data conference--changes to groupings may take place.
  • Fidelity monitoring--remember to keep attendance records as well as ensure the intervention and interventionist are entered in the RTI spreadsheet correctly
  • Remember to send info for social media to Katie Bennett (Facebook) and Alice Browder (Twitter)
  • Mr. Hines is our webmaster--please contact him regarding anything you would like on the webpage.
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  • Student Leadership League--great job making our mornings' bright and friendly--also for leading several projects within our building
  • LAMPS teachers for your flexibility, understanding, and patience when classroom teacher meetings run over--we are all in this together :)
  • Vickie Kiker for daily rearranging schedules to ensure everything is covered!!
  • To everyone for a FANTASTIC first tailgating event--it was lots of fun and very tasty!

October 7 Plan

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Do You Have an Innovative Idea?

KCS has a new Innovation Tool is up and running. I have been encouraged to use any and all available methods to communicate that our district is seeking your ideas and that this tool is active for use. It can be accessed here.

From the ASC...



  • Sat. 10/1 - Mon. 10/31 - National Principals Month
  • Sun. 10/2 - National Custodial Worker's Day
  • Mon. 10/3 - Deadline for "Good Sports Always Recycle" school challenge nomination
  • Tue. 10/4 - BOE Meeting, TN Room (ASC), 6 p.m.
  • Wed. 10/5 - College/Career Shirt Day
  • Fri. 10/7 - NO SCHOOL, In-Service Day
  • Fri. 10/7 - AWAY Football Game, D-B @ Bradley Central, 7:30 p.m.
  • Mon. 10/10 - Fri. 10/14 - NO SCHOOL, Fall Break
  • Fri. 10/14 - AWAY Football Game, D-B @ Bearden, 7:30 p.m.
  • Tue. 10/18 - BOE Work Session, TN Room (ASC), 6 p.m.
  • Thu. 10/20 - Report Cards
  • Fri. 10/21 - Home Football Game/SENIOR NIGHT, D-B vs Jefferson County, J. Fred Johnson Stadium, 7:30 p.m.
  • Fri. 10/28 - AWAY Football Game, D-B @ Science Hill, 7:30 p.m.


Commissioner's Update & State Dates/Deadlines

TEAM Update

College & Career Readiness Update

Special Education Director Update

Safe & Supportive Schools Update

Consolidated Planning & Monitoring Update

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