Translations from Speeches

Washmon 5th Period


Translations is the process of translating words or text from one source into another. Here I have translated 5 different speeches into poems. Translations helps create a deeper understanding of the text as it changes its original point of view or context and moves it into a different situation. Scroll down to read the poems of famous speeches throughout time.

A nation for all

Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg Address

Four score and seven years ago all men were brought on this continent,

this new world, this new nation

Conceived all as men

Men who are created equal, men who live equal

Why do men fight, kill, hate

The nation of man has endured

Still standing today living strong

The men who die

The men who fight

The men who protect

Are all gone yet they are still within us

In the nation, on this world

living as a place under god for freedom

the nation by the people for the people shall not perish

it shall rise up and untie everyone together

one and indivisible

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Living in the Hall of Fame

Michael Irvin's Hall of Fame Speech

God put me here with 17 brothers and sisters

I live here to know to support them and to push them

I set a role model so they can learn from my mistakes

I fight for them and they fight for me

I found a second home,

A second family

My home, my heart, my soul is in Dallas

With my brothers Troy and Emmitt we led the team

Triplets of a different nature

We fought hard for our city

We brought wins for our city

I thank all those who doubted me

All those who believed in me

All those who knew me

All those who fought with me

All those who fought against me

You made the mad today

I am looking back in the golden year

One where we work for family

Fight for our city

And win for prime

Now I stand before all you,

Living in the hall of fame

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Life's a Journey

Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 rules of life

Life, the existence of an individual human

Humans do not just live

There is life in all, yet none take it

Live for as long as you can.

Love all,

But trust none.

Believe in yourself

Life is made for everyone, life is made for you

Take life for yourself

Break the rules, not the laws

The rules restrict yet life is not restricted

Rules are meant to bend

Life cannot exist under others

Exist among your rules

Don’t take life as a risk

Be the reason to live, the reason to do

Afraid of none, willing to all

To live life is to live experiences

Fail in no one’s eyes with a full life

Work as hard as any

Always preserve

Fighting through the tough times

Life pushes

You push

Give your success to everyone

Back to the days of life

That is the way to survive

That is the way to live

That is the way to thrive

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Our Nation

George W. Bush address to the nation after 9/11

On that day we were attacked

On that day our lives changed

On that day we lost our brothers and sisters

On that day we had something taken from us

On that day we grew

The actions were used for chaos

The actions failed

America is a strong and great nation

The foundations of the buildings may be destroyed but,

The foundations of America is untouchable

America is a resilient nation

Americans everywhere came back stronger

We responded with caring

Came back tougher

Rebuilt with loving

Our nation lost a lot that day

But it came back stronger than ever

We fear no evil

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It is our time today

Bill Cosby Pound Cake Speech

It is our time today

The time to free the youth and reeducate

Why is the youth’s education going away?

They go around carrying guns,

They go around stealing food and drinks

This has just begun

The youth has to be educated

Parents stand their crying at their child in an orange suit

Where were they when they were two

When they were five

The kids are to blame, the parents are to blame

They should all be ashamed

Expecting to be doctors, lawyers

Yet no one acts like one

Education was brought up by older generations

Wanting a better life a better feature

Give them a teacher

Make them a career

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Translations has really helped me understand the speeches addressed. In the Gettysburg address it uncovered the significance Abraham Lincoln puts on staying united and together. George Bushes address to America after 9/11 was very sad yet inspirational as it depicted America stronger and an "unbreakable" nation. But Arnold Schwarzenegger's 6 life rules are the most inspirational. With the poem translations I have the seen the speeches more than just text being read but also something that is more powerful and far reaching, allowing others to interperate it their own way.