MORE FOR STUDENTS Update and Recap

These Numbers Measure Up!

Update: September 2020 = 4200 meals given to our Bruins

Dear Wilson Colleagues and Community,

More For Students, under LBEF, is primarily funded by Wilson staff via Monthly Voluntary Staff Deductions that empowers our counselors and administrators to help soften the burden of poverty for our most vulnerable students. The goal is to identify needs that we can solve through your generosity and contributions. Because we didn't have an End Of The Year Ceremony, I wasn't able to give the annual report to you, my stakeholders and fellow Quixotes. Please read the End of Year Recap and feel good! Also Rest assured that we are continuing to make a difference in our students' lives. After the pictures with captions explaining how we used your donations to be impactful, I recorded a video with an uplifting story from a graduate who with your donations changed his life trajectory!

-More For Students, We've Got Your back

2019-2020 RECAP - WE "MEASURED" UP!

More For Students Oct. 2020 update

Thank you Contributing Colleagues! $20 per month impacts all our Bruins!

If you want to contribute - we can always do: "More For Students" - if we have more contributors ( or if you did and you are not on list ) - see Mr. Hollister in C-3 or send email: or 562.370.8773 cell. $20 goes a long way and you'll never miss it!

Nicole Weaver, Kelly Ludden, Lloyd Wilson, Karl Messerschmidt, Linda Palmer, Joshua Barnes, Louis Warde, Adam Edwards, Greg Pepek, Christine McConnell, Matthew Clatterbuck, Stephen Heavin, Jasmine Harrison, Dallas Foss, Matt Michelson, Debra Hilliard, Jasmine Willis, Erin Fekjar, Edward Steinhauser, Debra Boyle, Noemi Zarate, Ariel Gonzales, Angela Merrill,

Anthony Dao, Jason West, Valerie Gonzalez, Ted Hollister, Tu-Quynh Tra, Donna Kikuchi

Jennifer Stuart, Ken Hamilton, Melanie Swaminathan, Vivian Moore, Marianne Drummond, Arnold Estrada, Leticia Bernal, Andy Hall, John Janzen, Stephanie Bilvado, Paula Lazicki, Maribel Biacan, Keri McBride, Renee Shipman, MaryAnn Bieniasz,Linda Choi, Christine Combs, Kelly Condon, Gina Foss, Michael Crowder-Jones, Nancy Dalton, Joyce Domingo, Michelle Ellis, Kristin Garcia, Deborah Gonzalez-Poole, Brett Gunnison

Duane Haldeman, Curtis Heard, Macy Jelinowicz, Danielle Jorda, Michelle Jusionis, Lia Ladas, Julie Lawrence, Jose Leanos, Amy Leveque, Emmanuel Llopis, Patricia Martinez, Janice Mejia, Corienn Miller, Ruth Mohr, Dana More, Sandra Morgan

Jennifer Obeidin, Demetra Papadopoulou, Roxxan Rendon, Paula Riley, Brad Rudy, Hally Saldana, Mira Smeltzer, Warren Smitheran, Dominic Szeto, Allen Weingartner, Josiah Jones, Kristen D'Sa, Mario Vasquez, Catherine Fields, Susan Grimm, Julie Kay Satariano,

Whitney Gardner, Shannon Nagle, Melissa Galbreath

More for Students

Recipients: WHS Students on free/reduced lunch, or homeless identified

Purpose: Make an impact on the most vulnerable members of WHS and do more for their present and impact their future.

Committee: Ted Hollister, Amy Hollister, Doug Harris, Deidre Munson, Stephanie Bilvado, Debbie Bitonio, Lucas Clardy

Advisory Board: You! Advocate for your students

Impact on WHS Students during 2018-2019 School Year

More For Students Summary ‘18-‘19

How to Donate to More For Students

Checks, Cashier Checks, Money Orders:

must be made payable to “LONG BEACH EDUCATION FOUNDATION” reference “Wilson More For Students and Acct #5804 when possible”


Care of: Ted Hollister More For Students Wilson

4400 E. 10th St. LB, CA 90804

Donations via credit card made at:

Click on the “donate online” button.

Click: "Designation" and then "More For Students - Wilson High School" in the drop down box.

Cash – we don’t receive cash.