Cristal Concha

A few years ago my sister decided she wanted a dog .So she asked my mom which one she would like. She picked a gold and brown dog the breed was a cocker spaniel.In the afternoon she brought the dog home it reeked the dog looked like it came out of a garbage truck.

That day it was church day ,so my dad had to change when he got home.So he didn't know we got a dog .After that we went to church when we got home my dad heard a dog barking really close by he opened the door and he started ranting about the dog.Days later my sister let her outside and lost her we looked everywhere and we got nothing.

A week later the pound found her from the posters we hung up .We gave her a bath while we were doing that we were thinking of names I said "Why not Princess"?From that day onward we came closer to her and became part of the family .

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