Razzle Dazzle Into The NEW YEAR!

Weekend Challenge


Weekend Challenge Sponsored by Anne Walton & Jean Sweet Morrison

All the SKINNY on the Weekend Booking Challenge

If you've sat on the sidelines during the 12 Days of Fabulous...Today is the Day to jump in!

THIS CHALLENGE IS A MUST TAKE if you want to tee up your business in 2015.

Get on the horns, shout it from the roof tops, send out some texts, email your customers....and book up your January STRONG!

Here's how the challenge works:

One entry for EVERY January trunk show you have on the books
(yes if you already had them they still count)


YOU WANT TO DO THIS....It's easier than you think!


I Want You to RELAX Over The Holidays! Here's the Secret....

Wanna know the secret to relaxing over the holidays? Well....it's a pretty simple recipe...

1 part family
1 part santa
2+ booked January trunk shows
Wine to taste

Yep. That's it!

And now...you have the tools to do it!

If you think that January is a slow month for trunk show....THINK AGAIN! It's the NEW NOVEMBER at Stella & Dot! Why you ask? Well here are just a few reasons...

~Who doesn't want to shop at 1/2 off?
~Contact a few guests from your December trunk shows...ask them if they want to throw a Dot Dollar Trunk Show for their friends that shopped in December. Remind the hostess she can get the New Line for FREE with her rewards.

~What's on trend this spring?
~Who is the fashionista who is going to share the Spring Style with her friends. We're ALL tired of our Fall and Winter Wardrobe...bring on Spring!
~Invite them to be a debut hostess and be the FIRST to share the Spring Style!

~Get me out of the house!
~Holidays are OVER...we need a Girls Night!

Those are just a few reasons.

BUT...people don't know what they don't know! So today's challenge is all about sharing the Spring Style!

AND...I guarantee that if you get a few shows on the books for January....you will be able to relax and celebrate this holiday season!


Meet The STARS!

Jean Sweet Morrison - Star Stylist

My story:
I have been a stylist since October 2011. I started my business mainly because I was looking for something to do that was all mine, and to get me out of the house more. My husband was deployed to Afghanistan and I was home alone with two very young boys. I had shopped S & D a couple of times with the fab Brandi Browning... I would run into her around the army base and she would always say "you should do this". One late night I was sitting in front of the computer and my FB chat dinged. It was Brandi telling me about a sign up special that was going on, talk about perfect timing! (I always tease her and blame it on the wine!) I signed up the next morning. In April 2013 I hit Senior Stylist and after attending Hoopla 2013, I knew I was shooting for the Stars, and April 2014 it happened.

That was one of the craziest times of my life. We were living in Kansas and my husband was gone again (in the country this time but still gone for four months) and our youngest had just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February. I knew I had a choice, curl up and cry and hide from the world OR go live my life on my terms, and be HAPPY! I had no family around and no one trained to give Jack the care that he needed, BUT he was in pre-K five days a week from 8-11, so I booked trunk shows during that time. For me, morning shows are smaller, so I planned for that and just booked more of them! The few evening shows that I had I brought the fellas with me... not ideal at all, BUT I knew what my goal was and requires changing the rules a little bit.

I could never have imagined the joy that that this "distraction" would bring to my life... I am so incredibly thankful that Brandi never gave up on me, and that I decided to choose HAPPY. I am living near Miami now and am so excited to share my joy with the ladies of South Florida!

My top tip:

Offer the stylist opportunity to everyone, near and far. Be sure to tailor your message to the person you are talking to: Is she super fashionable and needs to have our jewels around her neck? Is she a mom looking for a little something all for her? Is she looking to leave the corporate world but can't until she finds another source of income?
What about her would make her a great stylist? Our tribe is so incredibly diverse, Stella & Dot really is the perfect fit for anyone.

Anne Walton - Star Stylist


I started with Stella & Dot three years ago and it has proven to be one of the BEST decisions I ever made! At the time, I had just had my first baby Quinn, quit my very full-time corporate job, and was suffering from major baby blues. I was frankly a hot mess! When I met Tara at one of her trunk shows in November, I have no idea why she even offered the hosting/styling opportunity to me as I was just in such a funk!! I hardly resembled the person I once was. Thank goodness she did as when it came time to do my very own trunk show I was introduced to the fabulous Brandi Browning and thought, gee Tara is awesome, Brandi is awesome....maybe I could be awesome?! Whether I'm awesome or not, I FEEL awesome now! This opportunity has given me self confidence, remarkable friendships, courage, strength, and a constant flow of positive energy that I just simply could not live with out! My WHY is really all of those things combined. Even when I have a bad month, I remember all the blessings this opportunity has brought my way and I just forge ahead. I am able to work a steady part-time job on my own terms while coaching the best team ever and providing for my family. This is truly the best job ever!


Consistency is KEY! This is such a simple, fun job you just have to keep doing it..that's really the only commitment. I found that once I made SD a part of my "daily" life meaning I wore our jewelry every day, carried look books, and really started sharing with people how much I loved what I did...that is when it all clicked. I have had months where Ive busted my butt to have one trunk show and then other months where Ive had 6. Ive worked just as hard both months but I found the months I had 6 were easier to get because many of my hostesses were people I reached out to during the month I had one. So just keep doing what your doing and success will naturally follow!