First Heart Transplant


First Heart Transplant

in 1967 the first human heart transplant was performed. the operation was a success,but the pation didn't make it because of complications. south African surgeon christian Barnard, prepare for this special day by practicing on a number of experimental hearts transplants involving dogs. the transplant was performed at cape town's groote sclauur hospital, was a success. washkanky's body did not reject the heart, by the drugs he was received. but at the same time the drugs were weakening him his immue system, and he contracted double pheumonia wich kill him 18 days after the transplant.

History On Heart Transplant

The cardiac transplant program at Columbia university medical center began in 1971 as part of an investigation surgery program invented by Dr. Keith Reemtsma. At that time, Columbia university medical center was one of only a handful of medical centers first cardiac transplant was performed by Reemtsa in 1977, when survival rates has begun to improve significantly. That patient survived for 14 months. Two additional transplant were performed that year

Heart Transplant

A heart transplant replaces the patients heart with congenial heart disease the opportunity to have a normal blood circulation if the transplant goes well, heart function and blood will be better than ever. You may require a heart transplant for several reasons. The most common reason is that one or both verticles have aren't functioning properly and serve heart failure. The donor has to be the same heart and it has to have the same blood type or else it wouldn't work
Florida Hospital Celebrates Area's First Heart Transplant


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