Mesopotamian Chronicles

New Inventions

The Carved Wooden Wheel

Hurry,hurry,hurry get it while supplies last.

The new invention of a round wheel is here.

This wood is carved with mesopotamain grown cedar wood. We have some of our finest wood workers carving thes wheel.

Comon stop on by mesopotamai carved wheel it only cost a goat to get a wheel

All about King Sargon

The questions of the interview of Sargon

Personal Interview

Questions to ask King Sargon the conqueror

1. How is it being a conqueror?

I feel there is a lot riding on my shoulders. It is stressful trying to gain and protect water rights and establish new farming communities throughout the lands of Mesopotamia.

2. Will you approve a new budget that includes monies for the building of new ziggurat’s around Mesopotamia?

I will certainly take the people’s money and apply it for the building of new ziggurat communities.

3. Where were you born?

I was born in Kish a Sumerian city-state where I served as an official.

4. Where you married and have kids?

No I don’t have wife or kids busy tearing down the land.

5. How big is your army?

Not too much a little big.

6. What was your hardest journey and what did you learn from it? My hardest journey was when I gathered my army and marched through to Mesoptamia establishing my empire.

7. What makes you an conqueror?

Conquering many lands and many people.

Hello my name is Potcha and I had the chance to interview a great conqueror of our time. King Sargon has conquered many lands and many people throughout his lifetime. Before taking the fertile cresent land of Mesopotamia he worked as an official for the city-state of Sumer. By far the hardest land to conquer was mesopotamai. I am a man who has no family, but I do have a huge army. When asked if he will provide money for the building of new ziggurats, he replyed of course my new people need places to live. All in all i beleive king sargon will be good for the growth of mesopotamai.