Is Xbox One Better than PS4?

By. Garrett Karr

Why the Xbox One is good

Xbox One is the best gaming console in stores at the moment, and i'm gonna tell you why. Not only does the Xbox One come with 1080p and high tech surround sound, it runs like a jet airplane. It can run some of even the laggiest games with no lag or barely any whatsoever. You can even buy the Kinect which respond to voice commands and hand/body movements.

Why is Xbox One better

The Xbox One is also cheaper than the PS4. The controller is very comfortable in the hand too. The Xbox One also has exclusive games just to the Xbox One. Which means you can play games that no PS4 player could ever play, unless they got the Xbox One. The last reason why the Xbox One is better is because it has higher quality/more reliable online multiplayer game play. I definitely recommend the Xbox One for you!