The Night Ride of Paul Revere

By C. Milne

Early Life

Paul Revere was born January 1st 1735. Paul had twelve siblings but five died young. In school Paul learned his ABC's, and how to be polite,he also learned how to add and subtract. At the age of thirteen he started to like his fathers shop, then he eventually became a Silversmith.


Paul's first job was pulling the bell of the Old North Church.During early 1756 Paul went fight in a war, where the British was fighting the French. At age 21 he married a woman named Sarah Ome. Paul was also part of the Sons of Liberty.

Contribution to History

Paul was a huge spy. When the Americans were fighting the British he told a man to put one lantern for if they are leaving by sea and 2 lanterns for if they are coming by land. On April 18 1775 Paul ha learned that they were, to Lexington and Concord,when Paul was going to warn the colonists he had to borrow a horse named Brown Beauty to catch the British. So he rode the horse to warn everybody who lived along the road of Lexington and Concord that the British are coming.

After Life

Paul Revere died on May 10, 1818 after a long illness.
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