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ASP.NET App Development – Why Should You Opt For It?

ASP.NET has been around since 2002 and its latest version was launched around a year back. Although the language faces some criticism from a few developers but those who have spent time working on it really adore it. This server-side web application framework designed for web development to build dynamic web pages, apps and services is hot favorite of those who seriously have worked on it.

Let us see why you shouldn’t listen to any negative comments about ASP.NET and opt for it whenever possible.

§ Forget about those who say ASP.NET sucks or any other language rules. Each has its own characteristics and benefits. The technology facilitates the development of HTTP pages, addressing the needs of both desktop and mobile browsers.

§ ASP.NET app development is not easy, but requires a special expertise. However, some people might consider it as a downside of the framework. Let me tell you that you’re going to need developers anyways also. Moreover, I’m sure that you won’t mind spending a few extra bucks to have a dynamic business website or applications.

§ The latest versions of ASP.NET extend full support to XML, JSON and Form URL-encoded formats. In addition to this, you also have an option to introduce your own formats, which is a big plus point.

§ The latest versions of ASP.NET introduce strong HTTP object model, which allows direct access and manipulation of HTTP responses and requests within your API.

§ The framework also comes with an option of self hosting for those who don’t want to make use of IIS to host Web APIs.

§ ASP.NET framework also extends support to all major filters. Besides this, it also allows you to author your own filters and plug them to API.

§ On the top of all, it comes from Microsoft, which is a leading and reputed software corporation. The framework is updated on regular intervals; so, you can just upgrade your site or apps instead of changing the platform.

ASP.NET Development India

As mentioned above, ASP.NET app development requires special expertise, you will need to either establish a development department in-house or outsource the job to the developers. If you choose the first option, you will have to build an infrastructure and arrange for all the amenities and facilities required for the development task. Besides this, you will need to recruit full-time employees, which is an added expense.

However, if you choose the second option, you don’t have to build an infrastructure, arrange for development facilities and hire full-time employees. You can just collaborate with a web development company and hire developers, depending upon the scope of your project. You can hire programmers on hourly, monthly or contractual basis.

Although you have to pay just for the work done when you decide to outsource, you also have an option to further cut development costs. You can opt for ASP.NET development India. The offshore web development companies have development centers in India, to help you hire experienced resources at cheap prices. The benefit is that you not only cut costs but use their expertise and experience for your benefit.

ASP.NET app development requires special technical expertise. You can consider outsourcing the task to an offshore web development company and hire ASP.NET developers India.

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