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Budget News

There is still a great deal of work being done on the budget from multiple angles.

  • We have been getting numbers updates continually throughout last week
  • Jason and Traci met with district Special Ed finance people on Friday
  • The budget committee met on Friday afternoon
  • Jason and Traci will be meeting with district finance people on Monday afternoon
  • Anyone who is interested in a budget presentation of where we are making cuts, etc is welcome to come to the computer lab on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30

Even though Special Education positions are fully funded positions, not all of our positions are funded through special education dollars. We have multiple sources of revenue for salaries that are being impacted by the budget cuts.

The budget committee is made up of Jason, Mandie, Jeanne, Joanne, Peggy, Trish, Liz, Tia & Greg. We have met 2 times already and are meeting again on Tuesday morning.

One of the recommendations of the budget committee was to put out a request:

  • If you are planning on not returning next year please let Jason know ASAP- this may result in certain positions not needing to get excessed
  • If you are a licensed staff member interested in reducing your 1.0 FTE for the School Year 2018-19 to a .8 FTE or .9 FTE please see Jason before Wednesday AM

Food Service News!!!


will be served on Non-CBI Fridays from 10:00-11:00


will be served on Wednesdays of CBI weeks


will be available to order by completing an order form and returning it to Ms. Tia’s mailbox in the office

Need to order furniture???

Please get all furniture requests in by the end of the week or decisions will be made in a standard format for those who do not respond- We will not be tracking you down.

Here is the google link and pdf catalog for classroom furniture choices:

Before you request a standing desk you may want to read this article.

Furniture Choice google form

Mental Health Team Tip of the Week:

Dr. Daniel Siegel and Dr. David Rock co-developed The Healthy Mind Platter. This platter contains seven essential mental activities necessary for optimum mental health in daily life.

Dr. Dan Siegel suggests that these seven daily activities make up the “mental nutrients” that your brain and relationships need to function at their best. By engaging every day in each of these servings, you promote integration in your life and enable your brain to coordinate and balance its activities. These essential mental activities strengthen your brain's internal connections and your connections with other people and the world around you.

Last week we highlighted the importance of sleep related to health and well being, which is one of the seven essential activities. We will be sharing additional information related to the 7 essentials in upcoming memos!

Stay tuned, or check it out for yourself:

Biometric Screening

The biometric screening will be held at Wilder once again. This is a non-fasting biometrics screening to find out important information, like blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, etc... This year, thanks to the great participation in the past, we have a window of 4 hours, from 10 to 2 on Thursday, March 15.

You can schedule your 10-minute appointment now by clicking on the link:

The username is Minneapolis and the password is healthy

If you created an account last year, you do not need to create a new one.

This free activity can be used for Vitality points. Sign up ASAP, as slots are going quickly.

Supply order due TODAY!!!

Ordering for supplies thru the end of the year will need to be submitted to Traci by Monday, March 12th. Just send her a list of what you want, with details – size, quantity, etc.

You can look for items on Amazon, or Target – and she will try to find MPS approved vendors that have comparable items.

Ask Traci for more info if needed.

Project Search Information Nights 2018

Do you have a student who would be a good fit for Project Search? Have them attend an Information Night. Please see the attached memo for detatils.

License Information

If staff need to look at license requirements, remember the documents placed in the shared licensed staff folder, under due process.


Congratulations to the following teachers for getting their Donor's Choose Projects funded!!!

  • Brett got a Shredder for Team 1
  • Ben got Sensory equipment funded for his classroom
  • Christina got musical instruments funded

Thanks to each one of you and to Vicki to make this possible.

If you are interested in starting a project to be funded please check out Donors Choose

Upcoming at T- Plus

Monday--------- ILT Scheduling Retreat for 2018-19

Tuesday -------- Team 2 meeting

--------------------- Budget Team Meeting 8am

Wednesday---- Team 3 meeting

--------------------- HCMC Project Search Info Night 4-6 pm

Thursday------- Team 1 Meeting

--------------------- Children's Project Search Info Night 4-6 pm

Friday ----------- Monday/ Wednesday Schedule

--------------------- ILT meeting (all are welcome) C205- 8 AM

--------------------- SEA PD 9:30-10 & 10:05-10:35 C205

Visit T-Plus Night Thursday March 22--- 4-6 pm