This law was one bad law because it was separateing the blck people from white people. and was taking the black people right and freedom.also alot of black people lost jobs and had a very hard time getting jobs. what made it hard for them to get jobs was that alot of places did not allow black people in there places. that what made it hard for these people back then.

key people

There was man named thurgood marshall who help colored people. he was a member of a spreme court in the u.s. but then he had retired and became a lawyer for the national assocition for the advancement of colored people. he was helpful because he used the law to promote civil rights and social justice.

inportant events

first event was in the 1870 in virgina there was a law the had prohibited black and white children from attending the same school. secound event was in the 1882 in west virginia what happen was that they would fine you $200 dollers for marriage of a white person. last important event was during the 1890s what happen was very bad and not right alot of black people were killed or burned alive in the united states.


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