Kindergarten Newsletter

Friday 15th December.

I hope you all enjoyed the Holiday Program. This is the first time the children have been on the stage at BFS and performed in front of the school. They all knew the words to the songs and to the poem. I hope you enjoyed watching Silent Night. The children did a great job.

Unfortunately this year the 6th and k classes could not walk to see the gingerbread houses as it was just too cold.

Language Arts. The children are working hard on their sounding out and memorizing of sight words. They are reading individual books and progressing well. They are sounding out words to write stories. Monday news writing is developing nicely. They have also made cards for the big friends and for you. These cards took many hours to make and are given with love. Today they wrote about their bears.

The gingerbread houses are made. The children decorated the houses with lots of candy, and shared this experience with their big friend. They all had a great time.

Today for bear day the children wrote stories about their bears, completed a math book on bears which included estimating , counting, tallying and making a graph. A large paper bear was cut out and the children played a game with their bears. A great day of learning and fun.

THE GIVING TREE. The giving tree looks wonderful. Thank you for all your support.

The children will have a little party on Tuesday. They will all get a book, which thy choose. These books are given by the Lower School Homeroom teachers, but the children will give them to each other.

Work continued as normal. The children are delightful and are really growing in all aspects of the word. However, they are all VERY EXCITED!!

Please save the date and get a baby sitter forThursday January 11th as this will be a Lower School parenting night.

Happy Days.