Sea Level Rise

By: Haley & Audessi

Best Case Scenario

  • Even at the lowest levels of project sea level in the 21st century mean that 10% of the world's current population will be hit by rising seas. (2)
  • Rising by half a meter is the minimum that will a occur, one meter or more possible by 2100. (3)

Caused by Global Warming

  • As a result of the acceleration of an outlet glaciers over large regions, the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are already contributing more and faster sea level rise than anticipated. (2)
  • Some of the warm-driven sea level rise are: (4)
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Glacier ice lose, Greenland ice lose, & Antarctica ice lose (ice melting around the world)
  • Changes in land water storage

Sea Level Rise

Worst Case Scenario

  • Sea level has risen dramatically over the last decade. (1)
  • Ice sheets are melting (4)
  • Large amounts of ground water being pumped for drinking water and agricultural uses seeps into the ground and runs to the ocean. (5)
  • Water will rise 1.8 meters (1)