Industrial Chemistry Project

Due on Friday March 10, 2017


Everyone will have their own topic. This was decided randomly by the random generator. See below for your topic. The premise of this project is for everyone to research, and explain how different topics of chemistry effects the world in an industrial aspect.

"For instance, Aluminum is a prized element on the planet. It is a metalloid, conducts energy well, malleable, light weight, and a common element on Earth. Due to its properties, it is found in almost every industrialized material from cooking pots and pans to air planes. Aluminum is mined, and due to its malleability is flattened and shaped into its desired components like aluminum foil or air plane wing. Its ability to conduct energy well, especially heat makes it a great cooking utensil. Without aluminum today, we would not have many common items to use, such as transportation vehicles, light poles, baseball bats, or some musical instruments."

Based on your research each person will then design a flyer on (One person in your group will need to create an account) which explains their topic, what industrial uses does it have, and its affect globally.


  1. Explanation of how your topic in a chemical sense (should be at least 1 paragraph long)

  2. Industrial uses (should be at least 1 paragraph long)

  3. Global effect (should be at least 1 paragraph long)

  4. 10 fun facts about topic

  5. Include 6 pictures that helps explain industrial uses and global effect (HINT: have descriptions under your pictures)

  6. Include a recorded demonstration or video (no longer than 5 minutes) which helps explain your topic either in industry, production/mining, or global usage (should support your explanation) - if you find a video longer than 5 minutes, you can indicate which times you want to be viewed. For example: Video lasts 12 minutes. Description of video includes "Please watch 2:12 to 7:12. This will show how our topic relates to gas laws."

  7. 10 question multiple choice only google form quiz – create a quiz with an answer key about your topic

  8. Sources in MLA format


Paragraph - 5 complete sentences
What Types of Chemical Industries Are There | Chemistry for All | FuseSchool