Poetry Project

Victor B. 9-4

I Wish

I wish I had the ability to undo people's wishes that were meant to do harm

I wish I had infinite wishes

I wish I had a cool hat

I wish I had a hat that was cooler than the last one

I wish I had a rack to hold my hats

I wish I had a rack to hold the rack that holds my hats

I wish I had a sandwich

I wish I had a magic wand to make all my wishes come true

Gone in a Blaze

The flame is a mysterious thing

Merciless yet forgiving

It strikes relentlessly, causing insurmountable damage

But it can't ever feel that pain itself

So what do you do when it takes everything from you?

Do you spend the rest of your lifetime grieving

Or do you cause the pain to others so people can understand your struggle

End of the Road

The man was slowly spiraling into madness

Except something was wrong

He was enjoying it

He has suffered a terrible tragedy

All that he can recall is heat and ash

As felt nothing but hopelessness

He was coming to the edge

The edge of sanity and madness

Of life and death

He didn't choose life