Boa Constrictors

By Jude

Basic Info

Boa's are the classification of a reptile. Boa Constrictors are animals with a backbone. Boa's are cold blooded animals, that means it's bode temp. is the same as it's surroundings It's body is covered with scaly skin. The Boa's predators are human's and fox's. It moves by slithering.


Boa's live in tropical areas. Boa's live in trees and on the ground. Boa's eat wild pig small monkeys, lizards and other small animals. Boa's get water from rain and puddles.
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Life Cycle

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Boa's have coils to choke pray to death. Camouflage help's the boa catch pray.

Interesting Facts

Boa's have thee stripes on the back of there head. Boa's can go 14 days with out food! Boa's have heat sensors on there bode to find pray! Boa's rest in the sun to stay worm. Boa's live in worm areas because it is easy to stay worm. Boa's stick out there tong's because that is how they smell.

Food Chain

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