Monument 14 Savage Drift

by: Emmy Labourne

This is the summary of the book with the book cover

Dean , Alex and the others have escaped the disaster zone of Monument 14. When the others at Greenway superstore are rescued they all go to the same camp except for Josie. Josie is separated read the book to find out why she is separated. Will they all Josie get back with the others?

Type of conflict

Man vs. Man because NORAD (the chemical warfare company) had chemical that does bad things to humans. When the mega tsunami hit the chemicals spilled and people were affected by them. It would be man vs. man because the NORAD people made the chemicals.


"Be the change you want to see in the world"

-Montana Gahl


The setting is quinchila containment camp where Dean, Astrid and the others were. The other setting is Old Mizzou where Josie was located.
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