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A Note From Dr. Wendland

Hello, Collegewood Families,

I know we have all endured quite a bit in the last week. News and information are changing moment by moment and it can feel overwhelming. Please be assured that our school community remains close and cared for. I am sure many of you have had many changes to work and family life. I will be sending weekly updates with information and resources to use with your children as we navigate these unchartered waters together. I don't know anyone that would choose to impact people and students in the midst of their learning journey in this way without tremendous care for students' well-being and that of their family. Please be assured that our district continues to work to balance resources, supports, learning experiences and providing time and space for families to have time to process world and community events. As a parent, like you, I am working to figure out how to support my children and their learning while managing nervous energy in light of daily information. I am confident that we will get through this and be together with our healthy, joyful learning community.

Be safe and Be well,

Dr. Wendland

Learning Connections: Schedules and Reading


As a mother of two trying to balance my work life, family life and supporting my children's learning, I am learning first hand the true act of juggling! Be assured that no one expects parents to spend endless hours each day recreating the classroom experience during school closures. Working in small groups or 1-1 with your child should not warrant a full day of schooling. Feel confident in creating a schedule that works for you and your family during this time. As we work to determine different ways to provide instruction to students, students should be able to complete the activities on the enrichment list independently.

This is also a great time to break up evenings with different family activities. For example, in our home we do game nights Mondays and Wednesdays, movie night is Friday and Sunday, Nintendo championships are Tuesdays and Thursdays (Please no judgment here- I have become a master of Mario Cart out of desperation) and on Saturday night we have been enjoying the backyard. I have included two sample schedules for you to consider when planning your own family schedule. No matter what you do to manage the day with the changes and intensity of community news, taking care of yourself and spending time together is most important.

Schedule 1

Schedule 2

Scheduling Tips


This week we will focus on supporting student reading at home. I have partnered with a few colleagues to create some videos to model reading strategies for you and your children. When parents and children read together at home, it is usually for pleasure. At school, we use read-alouds and literature to guide critical thinking and teach supporting reading skills. This looks different across grade levels. Take a peek at these videos from some reinforcement or new strategies to help your children tackle daily reading.

Free Access to books for 30 days through Epic

Access to books for free through public library

Access to books

Reading Skill Building

Non-fiction articles

Listening Comprehension have your child close their eyes and listen while pausing to check for understanding. Ask them if they can imagine the story unfolding in their mind.

Benchmark Advance is our district adopted Language Arts program for elementary students. Follow these steps below to get the online program complete with reading material and consumable pages to print and use at home.

1. go to (clicking will give you log-in directions)

2. Click on the tab for APPLICATIONS

3. Click on App for BENCHMARK ADVANCE

4. Use your child's log-in information


5. Go to MY LIBRARY which will list all the unit books where students can read articles or listen to articles being read

6. Students should select their grade level library

**YOUR CHILD WILL BENEFIT MOST FROM UNITS 1-6 as review. This is also where essential, critical skills are taught and practiced**

Grade level material your child uses at school will show under MY LIBRARY

Tips for a Read Aloud by Mrs. Weissenberger
Thinking About Reading
March 21, 2020

Learning Enrichment

I believe in the power of education and I feel unmeasurable joy walking through classrooms watching kids learn and engage in thinking. By no means, does our district believe these enrichment lists replace the dynamic teaching we offer students each day. However, we do not think it is appropriate or ethical to cast the responsibility of public education upon parents who, like me, are balancing working from home and trying to keep children thinking, learning, and thriving. The activities included in these lists are designed to give parents and care-givers an idea of things that are developmentally appropriate and support the curriculum. We continue to explore different ways to provide students with academic and social and emotional learning experiences. Please feel free to refer to these lists at your leisure. Additionally, check out our district resource page at where you find articles for parents, videos, and instructional resources.

Support With Ms. Wright



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade



Student Portal Access Directions

What Should My Child Be Reviewing and Working On

  • Enrichment Lists
  • TK: Ocean Life, blending letters to make words in reading and writing, writing uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Kindergarten: Sight Word list, reading and writing words with three letters and vowels in the middle (Bat, Bed, Rid, Not, Bug), writing complete sentences with a capital at the beginning and a period at the end, solid shapes (cubes, cones, pyramids etc..), animals and life-cycles
  • 1st Grade: write opinion papers (Ex: the name of a book they read and state whether or not it is recommended to a friend), include 2-3 reasons to support their opinion and a conclusion, time (telling time, days of the week, seasons, calendar-related topics and measurement, animal habitats, creating Google slides
  • 2nd Grade: adjectives (describing words) proper nouns, writing opinions and supporting them with facts, three-step addition equations, word problems, changes in the Earth over time
  • 3rd Grade: verbs, pronouns, weather, 3-4 paragraphs on opinion genre, fractions, measurement and memorizing multiplication facts from 0-10,
  • 4th Grade: electricity (series vs. parallel circuits), Informational Writing (great way to have students share information on social studies content), Spanish Explorers in early California, conjunctions, using quotation marks, fractions, making mixed numbers, multiplying fractions by a whole number, adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators,
  • 5th Grade: American Revolution, Fractions, and be sure to have your child join the 5th Grade Google classroom for math support. Teachers sent out class codes to parent emails and put the class code on google classrooms per teacher. This will be a group page to keep all fifth graders moving int he right direction.
Click on the title above to land inside the world of "Go Noodle" we use this site at school to give kids a quick brain break and keep them moving!

All About Collegewood

Collegewood is an award-winning school that has been recognized for the Golden Bell award (2019) and the PBIS Platinum Award. We are a learning community that works to develop the minds and hearts of our students.

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