Rover App Lands on Several "Best App" Lists

About Rover

In the crowded field of content discovery apps, the Rover app seeks to offer something new, discovering content by combining data from browser and social media history with user-selected categories from a list of over 15,000 interest areas. Once called Flipora, the app rebranded in 2015 and has expanded its features. Rover strives to make the experience of browsing internet content social, personalized, and fun. Users can share their favorite content and continually provide feedback to Rover about what content they like and dislike.

In its previous incarnation as Flipora, the app captured the attention of several prominent business and technology magazines. Inc. Magazine named Rover to its list of “4 Essential Apps for the iPhone”, Forbes listed it as one of “5 New Apps Challenging Facebook and Twitter for Content Discovery,” and Entrepreneur included Rover on its list of “3 Best Apps for Discovering Content You’ll Love.” Rover has also been written about in the Huffington Post, Social Media Week, and other websites.