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May 13, 2022

From the Principal

Hi Bennet Academy Families!

Hope this message finds you doing well!

We completed our Bennet SBAC testing this morning! Only individual make-ups remain. We are proud of the effort students put into testing! We appreciate your support at home during our testing this week as well!

As we hit the middle of May, we ask that you encourage your students to keep focused and working toward a productive and successful end to their fourth quarter and school year. It is easy to become distracted when the nice weather arrives. More information about end of year activities will be shared soon.

As usual, thank you all for your continued support and partnership!

With appreciation!

Joe Chella, Principal

Can my child go to school today?

Has your child or a family member been in close contact with a known positive Covid person?

Does your child or a family member have a persistent cough, or other respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, lung congestion?

Has your child or a family member lost the ability to smell or taste?

Does your child or a family member have a fever over 100 F?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions for you or your child, your child should stay home and you should call the school absentee line.

If you answered YES to any of these questions for a member of your family, please contact the school nurse for advice prior to sending your child to school.

Does your child ride a bus? Do they need to go home with a friend?

We have had some issues with parents sending their child to school with directions or a note to take a different bus home or get off a different bus stop to go home with another chilld. In order to avoid issues, we want to clarify the policy on this.

A child may only ride the bus they are assigned to. If your child is not a bus rider they may not go home that way with a friend. Likewise, if your child is a bus rider, they may not ride a friend's bus, only their own. If your child is on the same bus as a friend and you need them to get off at a different stop there is a protocol. A written note should be sent in with your child and given to the office in the morning. At that point a staff member will call home to verify the plan and scan the note to the Transportation Department, who will then communicate with the bus company.

This is only if your child needs to get off at a different stop on their own bus. No bus changes will be made. This policy is for the safety and protection of your student. Thank you for your coopertion.

Attendance Line - 860-647-3583

Please remember to call the Attendance Line @ 860.647.3583 if your child will be absent. Please leave your child's name, ID #, and a detailed reason for the absence (ie fever, cough, etc.). If your child's absence is COVID related please call the nurse @ 860.647.3583.

Please take note, even if your child is in quarantine, it is important to call them in absent if they are to ill to complete assignments or participate in remote learning (if they qualify).



Parents - we have been seeing an increase in students trying to leave school property, either after drop off in the morning, or after dismissal in the afternoon, going to CVS. We ask that you speak with your children about this, as once they are on school property they may not leave. After school visits to CVS should be in the company of their parent or guardian only. We appreciate your help in communicating this to your students.


Math in May!!

What a year so far at Bennet in math! Students have been having fun learning about math and sharing what they know with others. Please enjoy some pictures of our math adventures.

From the 5th Grade classrooms of Ms. Christensen & Mr. Green:

The Month April blew right by, but not without the changes of Spring. In Social Studies we learned about the American British Colonies. We learned about the religions, economy and geography of the three distinct regions of New England, Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies.

In English Language Arts we enjoyed reading Informational texts with topics like Cell Division and Genetics, It’s Television and famous people like Nelson Mandela, Jackie Robinson and the Rebel in A Dress Adventures. On the horizon in the month of May we will be reading Fantasy books.

Math students are deep into Volumes of shapes. Sciarra says “It’s challenging but fun”. Once you get an understanding of Length x Width x Height It gets a lot easier. Jocalyn and Camely shared that working with partners in math makes a big difference.

Science students are fascinated by their study of the Earth's tilt and the effects on the seasons. Royce, Nathan and Nick believe the outdoor demonstration with the Sundial made it much clearer to visualize what was happening and what they were learning.

The Chess Club is still going strong down in the Garden Level of the Cheney Building. We have over thirty students in two groups. Adam Clough, one of the club founding students recently placed 2nd place in a Chess Tournament. Chess club students are realizing the benefits of careful planning and organized thinking. Their techniques are better executed and they are seeing its benefits in the classroom. Kedara and Kiarra, twin sisters, say they enjoy the After School Clubs. Zahara says “It helps me think outside the box”. Her dad taught her to play chess in 3rd grade. Most importantly, new friendship are being made!

Big picture

5th Grade with Mrs. Brown, Ms. Elmore,

Mrs. Brown~Math

Recently we completed our unit on Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers. To end the year, we will be taking part in lessons that explore some basic Algebra concepts. Students will be learning about the Order of Operations, and writing and solving numerical expressions. We will also be learning about ordered pairs and how to read and plot points in a coordinate system. This can be useful when analyzing and graphing relationships in science, or just playing a game of Battleship! To finish it off, we will be taking our End-of-Year Fluency Assessment to track all of the growth we have made this year on our multiplication facts!

Ms. Elmore~Science

We are finishing off the fifth grade year with our final science unit called Earth and the Sun. Students are learning about how the rotation of the Earth causes night and day. They are investigating what shadows tell us about the position of the sun in the sky. We are analyzing data about the number of daylight hours month by month over the whole year and learning what solstice and equinox mean. Moving through the unit, students will look at the Earth’s position in space as it revolves around the sun. By the end of the unit, students will be able to answer the question, “In Manchester, why do we experience more hours of daylight in summer and fewer hours of daylight in winter?”

Mrs. Fagan~Social Studies

The students are just finishing their unit on the 13 colonies! They did a wonderful job learning about the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies. The students learned about the climate and geography, natural resources, and the economy. Did you know that England was the Mother country? The students ended the unit by choosing which colony they would want to settle in during those times. What colony would you settle in if you were a colonist?

Miss Woodard~ELA

As the year is wrapping up, so is our informational writing unit on Colonial Times. Our students worked hard on collecting research about a colonial topic. Some of the research was done on blacksmiths, clothing and food. Moving into the last few weeks of school we will close out the year with our Fantasy Reading unit. Students will participate in book clubs and discuss different literary elements and craft techniques.

Greetings from Ms. Crudden and Mrs. Randazzo’s Team!

Spring is in the air and we are excited to release our salmon on May 16. In math we are finishing our unit on area and volume. In science we are learning about ecosystems. In our previous science unit we investigated genetic mutations and genetically modified organisms. Students were asked to design a genetically modified salmon that would be adapted to better survive in the future. Here are some student responses:

“I would cross the salmon with a flying fish so it could fly over the dams and get out to the sea to complete its life cycle”

“I would give the salmon lungs like a frog so it could breathe air and gecko feet so it could climb the walls of dams”

“I would give it genes from a tropical fish so it could survive climate change”

“I would genetically modify the salmon to withstand all its current problems. I would give it lungs and an airhole from a whale, webbed arms and feet like a frog, and chromatophores from an octopus so it can camouflage the eggs and the salmon.”

“I would give the salmon shark DNA so it has sharp teeth and can smell its prey from very far away. This will help it find more food.”

Such wild imaginations!! As your child how they would design a genetically modified salmon that would be adapted to better survive in the future.


Things to note on the calendar:

School hours this year are 8:15 - 2:45.

REMEMBER WE HAVE EARLY RELEASE EVERY WEDNESDAY THROUGH JUNE 1st. Students will dismiss at 1:15 on Wedndesdays.

Home Access Center is where you access your child's grades. If you do not know your HAC information please email Mrs. Turner ( You can see your child's grades, attendance and progress notes as well as report cards, so take note of the different tabs.


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Parents please help!

Your child should be charging their Chromebook at night and bringing a fully charged Chromebook to school. Chargers should be left at home in a safe place. Students should not be bringing chargers to school, as they tend to get lost and there is currently a shortage of chargers. We appreciate your help in reminding your student to charge at night and leave chargers at home!!



The Bennet Bear Den

Mrs. McDonnell, Mrs. Olesnevich and Ms. Wollert help students publish a newspaper and you can see past issues here. We have some budding journalists at Bennet! Information about joining this venture will be sent out in the fall so if you have a child interested in participating keep an eye out when flyers are "sent home" electronically via the Backpack on Tuesdays!
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We are going to continue highlighting the positives this school year. Throughout the year please let us know who has made you smile, or been a wonderful role model for your child, went that extra mile, or was there when you needed a shoulder. This could be a student, a teacher, support staff, or even an administrator. Remember, we rise by lifting others!

A very proud momma, Alcia Santoro, would like to recognize her son, Hunter Simmons, for receiving High Honors every semester this year. He's in Mrs. Brown's 5th grade homeroom and his parents couldn't be more proud!!

Mrs Shewokis would like to shout out to Bus 24 students for coming in so quickly and quietly when their bus was late this week in order to get to testing on time. They were a pleasure to work with.

Shout out to our hard working music teachers for putting together some wonderful performances this year...Mr. Garrison, Ms. Jordan, Ms. Mellen, Ms. Kish, Ms. Daigle and Ms. Gelb. We appreciated a live performance again!!

Mrs. Jodoin wants to give a shout out to her homebase class. They worked SO HARD during SBAC and had incredible behavior during testing week. It was a pleasure teaching you this week - keep up the great work!

We want to hear from parents and staff alike - email with your shout-out!!

Nurse's Corner

Parents please talk with your children about not texting or calling home from their cell phones when they feel ill and would like to go home. If your child is not feeling well the protocol is for them to get a pass to the nurse, who will then evaluate their status and determine if a call home is warranted, or if they need a little TLC, a snack, a rest, some ice, etc. and to go back to class. It is becoming an issue with students using their phones and parents arriving unexpectedly.

Bennet School Nurses

Penny Parent & Elisha Mathews

860-647-3582 (p)

860-647-6348 (f)

Attention: Sixth Grade Parents

Requirements for your student to start Grade 7 include:

-a copy of your child's most recent physical dated January 1, 2021 or later

-Tdap booster

-MPV/meningococcal vaccine

These documents can be faxed to Nurse Michaud at 860-647-6348. Please call 860-647-8189 with questions or email

Christie Michaud BSN RN

Manchester Public Schools

District Nurse Substitute

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Take a look at our Virtual Backpack!

Each week flyers are added here so be sure to bookmark the site and check it out!


Jackie Wood- president

Brooke Barber- vice president

Howard Rovegno- treasurer

Deanna Sokola- secretary

Alison Watson- event/fundraiser chairperson

To join the PTSA as a regular member please fill out the membership form below and send it in with your child or email it.

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News from the Bennet Office:

  • Picking your student up early? Please call about 10 minutes ahead and we will have your student ready. Let us know when you arrive and we will meet you at the front door with your student to check your ID. Thanks for being patient with this early dismissal procedure as we limit visitors.

  • For all technology assistance (including Chromebooks, laptops and iPads), go to the IT Helpdesk or call / text 860-682-0607, Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

  • Did you move? Please see the list of required documents. Contact Registrar Heidi Turner to update your information: or 860.647.8275. Remember we cannot change your child's bus information until you have provided your new proof of residency.
  • New number? Please remember to update the registrar with any changes to your phone number or email so we can reach you! We send out newsletters twice a month and emails from the principal weekly and you do not want to miss anything!
  • New email? If you are reading this on our app and not in your email it may mean we have old information. Please contact Ms. Turner with your new email address so you don't miss out!


If you pick up your child utilizing the School Street to Vine Street route please be aware that you may be blocking driveways of the residents on School Street. We have had several compaints about people not being able to get in or out of their driveways as cars are sitting in line, blocking the driveways and not yeilding for a resident to pull in or out. If you are blocking a driveway and see a car trying to get in or out, please yeild to them. It is very frustrating for our neighbors to have to fight to get in and out of their property every day. We appreciate your being aware of your location and helping spread goodwill!

Please be aware as you drive through our pick up/drop off area that students are everywhere!

Please do not stop on the CVS side of Wells Street to drop off or pick up your child. It is much too dangerous to have students crossing that narrow road and causes traffic issues on both sides of the road. Also, there is no parking in the CVS parking lot for drop-off or pick-up.

Please be sure to discuss pick up and drop off plans with your student to eliminate any confusion and keep your plan consistent. Thank you.


Is there something you would like to see in this newsletter?

Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Berman ( if you have something you think the Bennet Community would like to know about or if you have pictures to share of any of our Bennet Cubs or staff doing something fun or newsworthy in our town. We can't promise it will make it into the newsletter, but we will make every effort to incorporate newsworthy items!