by: hannah sheahan

Country basics


Capital-Kuwait city

Flag- Green represents fertile land, prosperity and Islam Green is also mentioned several times in the Quran, in relation to paradise. Black represents the defeat of kuwait's enemies. White represents purity of Kuwait's deeds. Red represents the blood of enemies of Kuwait and the courage of the soldiers of Kuwait.


Kuwait is located in south Asia, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Major bodies of water are the Kuwait bay and the Persian gulf. IN Kuwait people modify the earth by producing oil for trade.

Here are some of the landmarks


Kuwait has a Constitutional emirate with a semi democratic political system. The leader of Kuwait is jaber al mubarak al hamad al Sabah. The leaders are chosen by parliamentary elections the were generally free and fair. Human rights included limitations on changing governments, restricted freedom of speech and assembly.


Kuwait's GDP is $175.83 billion USD. There main import/export is oil they have about 94 billion barrels!

Birth rate- 19.91 births

Life expectancy- 77.82 years

Literacy rate- 96.3%

Drinking Source- Their water is safe to drink from the tap


The average annual temperature is 25.7 degrees Celsius 78.2 degrees Fahrenheit average monthly temperatures vary at 25.2 degrees Celsius 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The average rainfall is 107.33 mm


In 1756 Kuwait goes under the control of the Al-Sabah family, predecessors of Kuwait's present rulers. A degree of semi-autonomy from Ottoman Turkey prevails.

1990 August Iraq invades and then annexes Kuwait. The emir and cabinet flee to Saudi Arabia.

2007 June Oil Minister Sheikh Ali resigns amid a political standoff between the government and parliament.

Compare and contrast

Similarities- 1.Both regions include christinaity and muslims. 2. Both regions speak English mainly the US but Kuwait to.

Differences- 1. In the US we eat traditional hamburgers and fries while in Kuwait they eat foods stuffed inside of foods and lots of rice. 2. In Kuwait there most popular sports people like to play are football(soccer) and wrestling while we Americans like to play Foot ball and basketball.